by Dennis
(Alliance, Ohio)

I filed 10 years ago for paternity. Filed in April and in May she was a no showed filed again but in June I dropped the charges do to another man claiming to be the father.

After 10 year she is now claiming I am the father and she is harassing me by phone, by email, calling my family members, contacting me on facebook. This woman has already put the other man in jail ten years ago for stalking she threatened at that time to do the same with me also. I was smarter then the other guy I got the hell out of her life.

Now years later I am happly married to my second wife have two beautiful girls age 7 from a previous marriage but I have full custody of and I have a 5 year old girl with my wife.I am the only source of income for my family my wife takes care of her 72 year old mother who had a stroke. I and my wife are concerned about what she can financial do to are standard of life.

Also during this time my wife and I where turned into child protective service twice they found no merrit for the claims but it still pisses me off we know who is making these claims but can't do anything about it. She is claiming that it is my ex wife but she thinks I am an awsome dad and we have a good relationship.

I took a paternity test and immidate after that filed harrasment charges against this exgirlfriend. I am praying and hoping this child is not mine. Don't want this mental exgirlfriend in my life or worse yet in my families life. I have full custody of my 7 year old but if I moved and keep this child away from the mother visitations I could get in trouble with the law but it was alright for this woman to keep a child away from her father and may get rewarded with child support for it.

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