14 yrs of contempt by the Mother.

by Anonymous
(Ocala, Fl)

My child is 14 yrs old. I have never been late on my child support and if I was it was more like a 100 dollars. I would always try and be ahead instead of behind. However, she would only allow me to have her during the wkends (Friday to Sunday) knowing I have the right to take her to school on Monday. If there was a day of school that was out and it was my wkend she would want her back right way. This summer of 09 she finally let me have her for half the summer and 5 days worth of Christmas break. I am tired to please her when its not about her. She always states that my daughter is her daughter and not mine. The blood test shows the proof. She is being vindictive and I'm ready to take her to court for Contempt of Court... Should I get a Lawyer? My daughter loves to be here. She loves being with my family and her little brother. There are times that she doesn't want to go back but she won't stand up for herself towards her mom. I am not a confrontation type of person. I try not to talk to her because she likes to fight. My fiance has spoke to her through a lot of these matters but there is only so much I can take when my fiance cries because she is so angry. That's when I take over. Can someone please give me advice on what the appropriate thing to do is... I want my rights or I want my daughter full time.


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by: Anonymous

Your hope to take the baby fulltime will not happen until she is 12 from what I understand and then the choice is hers(your daughters) until then you have the right to have 49.5 % custody as long as you can prove you are a good father with proven record of intentions i had a similar situation and actually still do she is 9 now but you must understand until then your best hope will be 50/50 custody unless extreme foul conditions are in place while in your ex's custody and i do mean extreme (but you are on a very thin rope so you must stay true to your intentions at all times we are looked at differently then mothers)they finally now are slowly beginning to let fathers have more time with their children with the new understanding that single parents children do not succeed as well as those with both parents in their lives, so coparenting is your goal with that you have say in time spent and when documented in court proceedings there is no more she does what she wants while your there to pick up the peices, that needs to stop but unfortunatly in some cases where communication is unsuccesful which it sounds like it is, same in my case the only way to get peace of mind is to go to court, i highly recommend a lawyer without one your choices are very slim, the court system is still catering to the female more than it should, so my recommendation to you is find a fathers group in county state and join they are out there, they will help find a somewhat inexpensive lawyer who can help you and give the support and information you need to be able to be as much a part of your childs life as your ex, It took me three years but it works with the proper support system and worth it it makes it hard without court documents stating the specifics I have my daughter every other week and most holiday or we share but there's no questioin' or disputes you get her by law then if she fails to follow court order you are just doing whats right for your daughters it ends up now 3 years later I spend more time with her and most holidays because some people choose themselves over their childrens well being every case is different but with coparenting you have so much more say in your childs life like where she go to school, health care, etc., GOODLUCK

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