23 year old daughter still paying child support

by Dave Hayes
(Sasktoon, SK, Canada)

I have always believed that we should help our children getting a career and have had no problem contributing to my two children now 23 and 20 one living common law and one engaged.

My daughter has not lived with her monther in over 4 years , she moved up north to go to school the second year into her schooling she met a guy and lived common law with him for the last 3 years. They both graduated from the college both earning a degree in their career. Every summer they moved to the Yukon to work and then moved back up north in Canada. This year my daughters and her commom law boyfriend after getting their degrees they went back to the Yukon to work then moved to Halifax where he works full time and she enrolled into college again taking arts and science.

When the judge try to decide what I should be paying last year she went on the information that my ex gave her , even know I brought up serveral times that my daughter received OSAP of 10,000 and a goverment grant of 2,000. and her schooling was only 2,300 plus books and lving expenses. My wife denied that so the judge went on what she had infront of her. My ex filed yet another court order to have child support increaded becase lving expense for my daughter went up in halifax and her schooling. I had emails from my daughter telling me what she received in OSAP and goverment grants and how her boyfiend got hired at a really goodjob paying good money. I do not feel that I should still be paying child support for her as she has received her 4 year degree in the career of her choice and lives common law. I have a case conference that is coming up and I am not hiring a lawyer it has cost me over 43,000.00 already and I can not afford one. I feel this should be very simple when I prove to the judge that she was lied to and my daughter is receiving over 11,000. in OSAP and another 2,000 in goverment grants. He has graduated in her career choice and now because she feels she does not have to work if she stays in school she and hermother are playing the system. I love my daughter dearly but at that age I was working 2 jobs married and taking night classes to but myself through school. Does anyone know how I can prepare for my conference ? and is there any where I can go to find case studies on stituation the same as mine that I can refer to? Please help I am at my wits end and feel that I am just their money pit I don't get to travel at all and she is travelling all over with my money and not paying off one cent of her student loans.
If I was a married father I would have a choice to help and beable to get her to contribute to her own education but as a divorced father I have not rights.

Thank you for listing to me and hopefully someone can help me prepare for the conference. Which will be help through conference calling due to we all live in different provinces.

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