$50 a week

by Patricia
(staten island)

I am a single mom of 1 daughter living on an income of $360 a week before deductions. My child support is $50 per week, state minimum when my divorce was finalized. My ex owned his own business, so it was impossible to determine his weekly salary, now for the past 2 years he works for a set salary, he refuses to help me in anyway, I have to apply for food stamps, had to move into a house owned by my uncle so I wouldn't get evicted because I can't pay rent. I work hard, am going back to school to make life better for myself & my daughter in the future. I have to beg for my child support weekly, or beg until I cry for extra money for school, clothing, etc... I have paid every co pay at doctors offices, every prescription, I pay for all after school activities, pay for her after school child care, all of her clothing, hair cuts, school trips, school supplies, etc... the list is endless. I just want a fair amount so I can put food on the table, pay my bills, and not have to tell my daughter she can't go on a class trip because I can't afford it. Her dad refuses to tell me how much money he makes, but I am sure 17% would equal a lot more then $50 per week. He is still mentally & verbally abusive to me, he needs to be in control & I can't afford to actually commute to work some weeks, he tells me to beg someone in my family for money. I am trying to make it & it is not possible, makes a nice salary & feels if my daughter needs anything I should pay for it out of the $50 or his new wife will take her for what else she needs, this is the same wife that has treated my child so terribly she is in therapy. I can not afford my attorney, I am afraid to face this man in court because he is so mean. I am not looking for a free ride, just help that is reasonable to raise my child.

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