A Father Only by Money

by Jose L Salinas
(Austin, Texas)

I have 4 children, 2 were mine, 1 my brothers, and 1 some singer. I was forced to pay child support in Texas for the 2 that are not mine because I signed the birth certificate not knowing they werent mine. So regaurdless I paid and have been paying and on top off that my X out of anger because I grew up and moved on decides to say "You will never see them again and I will make you life a living Hell" So my visitations were stripped when I tried to go see my kids she would not be there, when she was I had to get a courtesy cop to assist because to would start throwing things around or getting her boyfriends to try and beat me up.

My kids were told horrible things about me, lie after lie so they would fear me and not want to see me. I took all my evidence and my attorneys and nothing ever got resolved, still my kids were w/o me. Attorney Generals should not give visitation rights they could not back up, that is deceiving and corruptive.

I lived in South Texas and they dont give a dam about the fathers or what a child really needs. My kids were around a Mother and mothers boyfriends that were taking drugs in front of them. When I did get a chance to see them they would tell me but she only let me see them when she needed me to buy them things.

My eldest daughter at 15, I have 3 daughters and a son, as I was saying my eldest daughter got sexually molested by her moms boyfriend. When the perve was caught she took off with him to mexico, because the stupid law sent him back. Her mother abandoned the kids for 6 months, 2 were with one person, 1 w/another and my son w/another person. I live 400 miles away and found out by my sister what happened when I went to pick up the kids I was told by the police I would be kidnapping so they had to stay abandoned and spread out. Stupid and Unjust.

My eldest is now 19, and my second daughter is now 17 she is now pregnant, and goes to school when she feels like it and her baby daddy is involved. I was told I still have to pay child support. Now my brother which is my second daughters father is out of prison and lives w/my X my daughter thats pregnant the boyfried and my third daughter and son. If I didnt mention before she does not work I pay 1000 a month to support all their dam butts and they laught at my face and so does the Texas Law.

My third daughter that is mine is 13 and in and out of Camp soon to become a Juviniel Delinquent because she fights and steels, the mom gives a rats ass for her my 13 yr old is told she looks like me and they hate her. The boy who I treat as my own he is a tejano singers son Hugo Guerrero who wont claim him because he already has too many other kids laying around. Now that you know my story you can imagine how much I Hate the Texas Laws. No attorney has helped, CPS never helped, and of coarse the Attorney Generals never helped they just want the money coming in.

I have never been convicted of anything, I have lived a straight life and wanted the same for my kids but was never allowed the time, my kids grew up around drugs, different men in and out of the house, sexual abuse, the mom getting beat up by boyfriends and oh yea my 13 yr old was sexually abused by the age of 10 by lesbian girls who lived near by there apartment, how you may ask? My daughter was out on the streets until 2-3 am everynight. Where was the mom? Who knows.

When I saw them once a year maybe they told me I would get a lawyer to fight for custody got CPS involved me and my wife did everything to try and save them, and CPS failed us, and the Texas Laws just protected a mom who didnt care about the kids just the child support. My kids have been through Hell and back while Texas Attorney Generals got there money and still getting it.

Thanks Texas for Helping Ruin my Kids Lives.

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