A Fathers Nightmare!

by Setanna Marcell Quarles
(Washington, D.C.)

I am father who had a child at the age of 18yrs I was still living with my parents taking care of my daughter and with the help of my parents also my child didn't want for nothing. My childs mother and I were not together at the time I met my girlfriend I was still seeing my daughter til one day court papers were in the mail stating I had to pay support for my daughter I was blown away. I met my girlfriend when my daughter was two yrs. old I allways saw her on the weekends then in the summer she spent time with me and my family.

But this world system that we have lets these woman lie on the papers the mother has filed all the way back since my daughter was born plus the money I was sending her in her bag after she spent time with me never was called in to the courts also medical and dental, shoes, clothes etc. I still have reciepts for never has been reported and I have a ski hight arrearage right now.

I don't have a 9 to 5 job But I do get a salary that's actually under the table I am currently married now to the girlfriend I just mention She actually have been holding it down since 2004.We have 1 son and the child support thing is out of control I can't get a drivers license I can't get a passport if I want to travel with my parents to get extra income I have already told the courts about that they denied it. My daughters mother kept moving around different places she still had a court case open in D.C. and moved away from there yrs. ago and when my wife was pregnant with my son My daughter mother's up and moves to S.Carolina with no notice or anything.And no the childs mother and I never settled in court for rights at all but still she has no right taking my chid away from me I am currently still paying and making my court dates if I get behind and I still can't see my child,By my wife filing for joint on the taxes 2006 taxes were taking because she didn't file for injured spouse and we didn't know at the time now we know now she has been filing that every since then and they still tax her for the high arrearage that I am working on because of the case in D.C. was opened and one in Charles County so D.C. wanted there money they had no clue I was paying in Charles County the last resident where my child was. So the mother tried to get two incomes out of me I had to get all that taking care of through the courts which was total mess! I just don't get I just sent a lump some of money a month ago to my childs mother for my DAUGHTER now my daughter is calling me for $150.dollars to get her hair done this mon. so I am in question like what just happen to what I just sent you a month ago.

I said to my self I know what's really going on and has been going on for a long time I honestly believe my childs mother is taking the money I send and using it on her self and her household and she is married also with two daughters and two stepsons. My question is who can we talk to about finding out if the mothers are actually giving the children the money to help the child and not just the parents out here. It just isn't fair to me or my child and now she is 15yrs. And I believe the mother has her thinking I am not sending anything someone please help!

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