A liar and a cheat

AT sixteen we fell in love and not even a month together we got pregnant with my oldest daughter. We wanted to keep her and start our family, but my mother made me give her up for adoption. The father and me were forced to stay away from each other. He went into the ARMY and I went on with my life without him. Then at seventeen I was put in lock up and for a year I had to stay there for something stupid because of my mother. Well my ex somehow got ahold of my address to where I was and we started writing back and forth to each other. In one of his letters he told me that I was the last girl he was with and when I got out Sept. 5th of 2003 I found out that he had a baby on the way by some other chic.

Crushed me hard so I slept with his best friend and then we got married (me and his best friend). Well my ex didn't care enough for me to even say that he truely loved me, so he went and got married to the first girl that he could get. And what I've been told by sevreal people is that she is abusive to the kids she has with him and didn't know how to even take care of the kids. Well five years went by and we never spoke to each other, then one day I let someone talk me into taking them to where he worked and from there it has been mistake after mistake with him. The guy I was dating at the time said that I was cheating on him and my daughters fathers wifey was saying the same thing to him.

Well with that we decided to just go for it and make it offical. Well his wifey left him and took the kids with her back to KA where she's from. And I was tired of being accused by my bf at the time that I was doing things that I wasn't so I left him. In March 2009 I took a pregnancey test and it said postive, when I told my ex this he laughed at me. As soon as he got off house arrest he left and went to the wifey, leaving me and my unborn daughter. My ex husband and I started talking again and he helped me out the best he could. When my mother kicked me out and called CPS on me saying that I was a drug addict and an alcoholic she had my daughter taken from me. I don't do drug nor do I drink and I had to prove that to these stupid CPS workers.

So I got ahold of my ex and told him what was going on, he said he would help. But never did.My ex husband was the one who helped me get her back and find a place for us to live. Well when my ex came up here to get his little brother and his daughter (that he had with some chic in 2004) to take them back to KA for the summer. He finally met his daughter at seven months old. He told me that he was going to divrce the wifey and come back to me. Well July 2nd he came back and I was shocked but he only stayed till Dec 2nd and then he went back to the wifey.

He has seven children and two are by me and one by this chic and four by the wifey. He doesn't care about his kids and he doesn't care about the wifey or me. While he was here with me he was talking to the wifey everyday and said it was because of his kids. Well it wasn't I read some of his text messages to her and from her they said that she loved him and couldn't wait to see him again and be with him. And his pretty much said the samething so I told him he could get the out of my life and his daughters life because we didn't need him.

Now I have to fight him for child support and he doesn't even care for his children. His family disowns both of my daughters that I had with him and they say that neither one of them our his but they are. I'm not the one who cheated and lied and was untrustworthyto the ones he said he loved. I just want to know what state takes the most child support KA or WVa.

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Aug 18, 2011
by: Anonymous

I cant believe your asking that. you are ine of those chics that make all the rest look like money hungry ditches. yes i said it. you should of learned when he lied the first time. just file in the state you live in so you can actually make it to your hearings and file for custody in the same state. actually not sure but I think you have to be a legal resident to file for support.

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