Absent father and his 30,000.00/justice??

by stella
(decatur,Il. U.S.A.)

My x husband the father of my son was extremely abuseive and very violent, I used to be so afraid of him that I didnt pursue the child support. Feeling that our safety was most important and liveing under threats before and after my divorce,I only was gratefull to be safe and alive.

I left him early when y son was a baby,my first order of protection there was a total of 5 that when expired I had to renew. He pulled guns on me broke out windows to make me homeless, not to mention the physical abuse. His violence forced me and my child to be homeless, every time I got on my feet he would find me and break out windows, me and my son slept on country roads in the car, motels friends and family out of town, as well as shelters. I got my divorce in secretcy, and moved again to hide. Once he made my lumbar go out and causeing my whole back out of place I had to be carried everywhere like being paralized, it took 3 months to be able to stand and walk gain after Dr.s and chriopracteors helped,My mom and Dad helped with the baby. It was brutal to say the least but I had to stay on the run and hide from him for many years and he never stopped. I had him arrested 8 times and the state dropped his charges, he could charm his way out of anything and make me look like the bad guy he had family support in his vicious attacks against me.

Anyway ever heard of karma? I prayed and prayed and prayed through the years, and one night He got served by the Vengence is mine saith the Lord. Because I believe in God. My x just threatened me 4 hours prior to this: he was in a car accident and that wreck ripped off his whole right arm on the spot. He used to be a right handed roofer. I just couldnt believe it. I felt relieved my son wasnt with him that I kept him safe. Thank God. well soon after my x got a lump sum of 30,000.00 for that deal and I called him I said schools starting could you buy my son son school cloths? he said F-U kunt. I contacted child support trying to go through them, He owed 13,000 in Ill. aand 3,000 in ky. It didnt do any good because he is slick he knows how to play the system to his advantage, and how to keep me in discreet hideing from him. Know that I went to counseling for 8 years to heal from all the abuse. I left state and come back home to ill. he followed. Im so tired of being intimidated to the point that we suffer.

My son is 16 now he calls him a sperm doner they had brief relationships here and there not lasting it would start with false promises and end in big lies. My son doesnt want to talk to him. My xs adgenda is to use my son to get information on me and my bussines, I am still getting threats because of the childsupport that he has never paid. But he is angry at me because he owes, he will try to slick by lieing and saying he lives with me all kinds of lies he goes to the p[oint of trying to get me cut off my income and foodstamps. Its crazy, but Im taking this to court once again, Im not going to get no money, but hopefully he will move on and flee so I dont havet to.

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