by Live Beat Daddy

I had a child when I was 17 and 22. I had the first one because she held me down during climax. The 2nd one cause i didn't want my son to be an only child. Well being that young I realized later in life how dumb that was to have a 2nd one or even allow myself to be set up on the 1st one. (Esp. by her)

Well anytime she thought I was dating someone she didn't like or if she felt like i was cutting her off... I could never see or talk to my kids. She did things like, show up to my house un-announced, following me all over the city until she trapped me, throwing rocks at my new car because I wouldn't talk to her. But yet i haven't been able to talk to my kids because she's mad. It got to the point I would know when she is about to throw a tantrum and I could say it with her " yeah mutha #@&% don't call to talk to my kids... you cant see my kids" blah blah blah!!

To make a long short... I moved out of town, eventually got married and sent for my kids every summer and many holidays. I would barely talk to her and certainly didn't fix my lips to argue with her. She was powerless, except I was making really good money and the more I made the more they took so she was doing just fine. Mind you... she wasn't making much at all for herself.

Well, as of May, 2011 child support has ceased because both of my kids are over 18. She has worked diligently to clone my daughter to be like her and my son lives with me. In the process I have been denied rights to see or talk to my kids even when I was paying C/S, I've been jailed, account seized for over 3k, income tax intercepted and license suspended, not to mention income garnished with unfeasible amounts that I never agreed to.

Well, its all over now except the 4k still owed for arrears. Which is bogus!! Its been a thorn in my side for a lifetime. I will say... Michigan Child Support is very successful at tracking non-custodial parents down and taking 50% of their income. But very unsuccessful at making sure the money is being set-up for the kids future, that the non-custodial parents are able to talk to and visit the kids and that the mom is mentally wrapped tight.

ALL I EVER WANTED TO BE, was a good parent. Be the dad to my children that I never had. I love them and I believe they love me but the pain is still prevalent.

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