Am I being fair? I believe I am!!!!

by J
(Austin, Tx)

My ex-husband and I divorced 8 years ago. I got custody of my 2 children. At that time they were 3 and 4. I was awarded 290.00 a month child support. He made every single payment on time. he got married and things happened and he took me to court for custody of the kids. They did not give him custody and upped his child support to 415.00 a month plus medical ins. He has always been active in the kids lives which I am very thankful for. After he and his wife had a baby his cs payments were very irregular. I didn't say anything. I thought they just needed a little time getting asjusted to the new baby. well, then they just stopped.

He would wait 5 months and then make a paymt. 3 months, 9 month...and so on...I finally told him I really needed his help. The kids are older 11 and 12 and there needs are way more expensive. He got shitty and now we are going to get the 415.00 modified. I believe he works under the table. he, his wife and their child (now 2.5)live with his parents. They have there child in a daycare that cost 900.00 a month. He was able to fly up to another state to pick up a truck that he would be making 500.00 a month paymnts on...etc...he is a massive drinker. He was able to go to a concert with his wife and such. my point is...I dont want to drain him and his new fam of $$. but I so would like a little help. I even asked for him to make 100.00 paymnt just so he can help a little. As for myself, I work nights and go to school in the daytime. I work overtime and dont mooch off the system. I dont even mind showing him that every single penny goes to his children. Just want a little help! do you all think I am being fair? remind u he has the kids every 1st, 3rd, and 5th weekend. He gets them the month of july. you know...standard visitation...

tell me what u think....

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