My divorce was final in June of 2007. I have always made my payments, but have been deeply effected by the burden and stigma of "child support". Since the payments, her lifestyle has improved. For the man, paying support is considered the "manly" thing to do. Its the law. That's it. Nothing more. You pay or you are surgically removed from society. For the woman, it's thousands of dollars tax free each year until the child is 18 years old, in addition to the government benefits of being a "single mother". Divorce is a good deal for an American woman. The sad part is that there are millions of truly loving fathers who want nothing more than a good home to come to with their little child waiting for them to walk into the door home from work, ready to jump on them.

The courts are a machine, they DO NOT CARE. Its the trash cases that get looked into. The normal average couple, where both work, no criminal histories, these are the cases where the man will be forced to carry the heavy burden. Who wants to go to jail-NO ONE!!! BUT IF YOU MARRY IN THIS COUNTRY, AND ARE A HARDWORKING,ETHICAL,MALE, YOUR VULNERABLE.


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