by Angela Shields
(Arlington, Texas)

I had primary custody of my 2 children for over 10 years. The father was paying child support only because it came out of his check. He resented every minute of it. He never wanted them for any other visits but his every other weekend ones. He went behind my back and sued me for custody of my son two years ago because his soon to be 3rd wife could help take care of him. When we went to court it was all biased against me. The judge allowed several cases to keep interrupting our hearing and then told both our lawyers they had 45 min each to present a case. Needless to say, the judge gave my son to his father cause he was 14 and I now pay child support and insurance.

The father's wife won't allow me to buy my child anything and bring it into their home..not even a pair of shoes or school supplies..birthday, christmas etc. They took away the cell phone that i was paying for (mutually agreed upon with the father) and didn't even tell me and he's been told he's not allowed to call me unless i call him first. He never comes home for visitation anymore becuase they keep him too busy. His father is not allowed to speak to me based on the step mom's rules. The father hasn't provided me any proof of medical insurance in over a year and keeps changing jobs without notifying me.

Moved and didn't tell me until I went to pick up my son once and they weren't there anymore. Now my son is turning 18 soon and I'm still forced to pay child support until he graduates high school which won't be until he's 19 AND pay for medical that I don't even know he has..even though I carry him on my own policy. Now tell me....the state could care less about my situation. I've called and written and to no avail.

All they care about is making sure they get my child support payment. There are NO RIGHTS AT ALL for non custodial parents in this state. Nobody is even willing to listen when they find out you aren't the custodial parent. Never mind that you were for over 10 years and 3 times during that period the fathers income tax check was garnished because he quit jobs and quit paying child support.

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