Arizona chid support dept and ill practices

by Sandra
(Los Angeles)

My case was child support arrears in the amount of $6200. When I was down to $3200 and starting working at a new job it came to my attention that California and Arizona were both coming after me for arrears on the same case. It was a double case. My case is an interstate case and Arizona has jurisdiction and I live in California. Some how my exhusband opened an arrears case in Arizona and how, I don't really know but was able to also open a case here in California. So I had both states coming after me for the money. I went to the child support division in Los Angeles and took all my paper work and the social worker was in agreement that it was the same case so she closed out the case here in California and contacted Arizona about the case closure for Calif. When Calif closed out the case they turned aroung and pick up the amount that Calif had on record which was over $9000 and added it on to my arrears with no explanation.

Calif had no record of any of my payments becasue they were going to Arizona. so I had to go before the review board and they agreed with me and drop my arrears down to the $3000. I have payed all my arrears but Arizona has the correct amount and Calif has the incorrect amount. I have tried effortlessly to get them to close out my case and contact Calif about the correct amount for over 8 months and to no avail they have done nothing to help me. Calif tells Arizona they are responsible for correcting the amount and that they cannot help. Since Dec 2011 money is garnish from my checks and my exhusband has not recieved any money from them since Nov 2011 so who's pocket is my money going into? After I filed a complaint against the case work and that dept. in Tucson a week later I got a call from someone in Arizona and she said they recalculated my arrears and that I owed over $9000 in interest and that they made a mistake. Minding that I have already paid over $9000 over the years. So a $6200 case went up to $18,000.

I believe because of the stink that I have been making and the complaint that I filed against this dept that they are retaliating against me. They did this one week after the complaint that I filed. My ex-husband went to AZ child support division and closed out the case against me and they told him that they would contact Calif in one week. Well they still have not closed out my case and they are still taking my money and who knows where it is going but its not going to my exhusband. So now it looks like I am going to have to get a lawyer to help me.

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