Arizona is a joke when it comes to child support

by Sally
(Glendale, Az Maricopa)

The state of arizona has no reguard for children and collection child support. We have a court order for $240 a month (no large amount), my child is 16 and we have received 1 full year of court ordered child support. I have gone back to court for a total of 24 months, the 2nd court appearance there was a 1000 purge in effect, well it was not met and he was placed into custody and the 1000 showed up within 24 hrs, imanage that when it came to sitting in jail or coming up with the 1000 the money grew off the money tree. In the mean time right before our 3rd court date the parent that owes shot themselves just to avoid being placed in custody again. The court dismissed the case cuz he would pay right before we would go to court and show them a rec. of payment. And here we sit not even 12 months later and no support. For the 24 months we were in court the payments were not monthly, as far as I am concerned they should of never dismissed this case from the courts. Even if they would of set it up for review twice a year that might have kept the support coming. As far as I am concerned I think that if the state can not enforce a court order then the state should be liable. TRUST me if you have an outstanding ticket or fail to appear on a traffic violation the state will suspend your lic. and if you get caught driving they will take you to jail. But a child can get jipped out of 41,000.00 in unpaid support.

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Arizona's Judicial System is the Joke (A BAD)
by: Anonymous

Is a person guilty of contempt resulting in his/her incarceration due to being unemployed or underemployed? Everyone is so willing to jump on the "Dead Beat Dad" bandwagon. The result is a feeding frenzy of unscrupulous lawyers attacking low income men who are without the benefit of legal counsel. These men are forced to follow the same rules as a lawyer and a judge. The problem is; the lawyers and judges ignore the very rules of law they impose on them to follow. Lawyers are only sanctioned if the judge takes action against him/her. Fat chance of that happenning. That's the joke. Judges allow the lawyers carte blanche. Rules of evidence be damned, rules of law, rules of court procedure are ignored. Superior Court Judges are immune to prosecution even if they break every law in the book. Recently a judge was given by a Pro Per Respondent a Motion For Change of Judge For Cause. Why? Because the judge had ignored every motion the defendant had filed. Rules of Court do not allow The Judge to rule on this motion, which the Judge clearly states during the hearing. Then the judge tells the Respondent if he is placed back on the case that He The Judge would see to it that the Respondent pay all of the Petitioners legal fees. (Sorry Judge, thats in Violation too) The Judge then went on to rule against postponing and continued on with the hearing: Allowing evidence "never disclosed" adding up "2" years of orthodontia bills ($2300) using the undisclosed evidence even though the petitioner admitted she had never sent the father a single invoice. This in violation of AZRFLP and as pointed out in the "ignored Response" there is an existing order that the respondent did not have to pay for the orthodontia. The judge "did not have any info on arears" But He set a purge of $2500 anyway. The Respondent 58 years old with a clean record having never been arrested or in trouble with the law, asked the judge for a couple of hours to "put things in order". The judge denied the request and threw him in jail. Oh yes and he ordered all the petitioners legal fees be paid. By the way, if you Google the Lawyers last name and the Judges Last name? Up comes the "Law Offices of Judge's name & Lawyer's name! Certainly just a coincidence. BAD BAD JOKE The Respondent spent 6 days in jail and was made homeless by the purge. Soon afterwards he was bitten by an itsy bitsy spider, spent 4 days in ICU and nearly died. Even with a $42000 hosp bill he was thrown back in jail for wilfully not paying support. He spent 12 more days in jail. Oh yes, FYI the Petitioner lives in a 5000' home in Scottsdale. 1 Month prior to filing contempt charges she purchased a cottage (her 5th house) for 450K putting 117K down. The deeds & titles that mispelled her name? Not admissable, and the $25K she borrowed from the Respondent supported by cancelled checks? Not allowed into evidence either. That my friends is but the tip of this Judicial Iceburg!

HMMMM He's A Joke

Arizona That's funny stuff, It seem's that you have originaly got your self a deadbeat crazy person. I would go back to court and press the issue of support, but before you do let your 16year old talk to him If he is willing to shoot himself to get out of paying child support and he's only being charged $60.25 a week There is no telling what other avenues he would take. And may be he is distraught at $41,000.00 your credit is shot. This is why People need to come together on the way the system is handling things,the laws are out dated there are loop holes and only lawyer's are able to use them. I know a lot of good people that has falling victim to this system and it has paralized a lot of families by taking the non costodial parent through so much aggrevation to the point they dont want to be bothered. Anyway He's A Joke

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