Artsy Enterprising Cyber-Dad

by Artsy Enterprising Cyber-Dad
(Denver, CO)



I think this whole "deadbeat" bandwagon is propaganda which must be eliminated from the vocabulary of any governmental agency which intends to help families resolve crises. Period. First of all, as a father I resent governmental meddling in the affairs of my family, except when invited. In which case the invitation is not to meddle in our affairs, but to help resolve a problem. When the problem continues for decades with no amicable results, then I believe the government must pay as much as any prosecuted parent. If not more. I think the government must pay by eliminating the employees who behave like petty power mongers and biased enemies.

I think more men must confront governmental employees on all levels. Especially men who are business owners and self employed. Oftentimes employees cannot understand the types of difficulties small business owners experience on the playing fields of enterprise. Those of us who left the status quo workforce to pave a way of our own may not see the same results as someone who has a 9-5 working for a big corporation. Employment is easier in many ways , and in just as many ways it costs us our freedom and integrity.

Stop these victim pity parties and start finding victory over the demons which seek to destroy us, through our families!

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