Attorney General is Bullying

by Battling a Big Giant
(Houston Texas)

1. I Live in Texas

2. In 2007 my Ex wife and I divorced. We signed a modification agreement on child support @ $700 (which is less than Texas' 25% standard). The deviation from the Texas 25% of income standard was agreed by both attorneys, husband & wife and the judge signed off on the final divorce decree because of shared/increased/ or co-parenting.

3. The agreeement also allows for bank transfers of the monthly child support pmts to her bank account.

4. In 2008 my ex wife and her attorney took me to court for child support review only 8 months after the divorce was final in 2007.

5. I retained an attorney and we went to trial. It took the judge only 30 seconds to dismiss it citing the existing modification agreement in our divorce decree.

6. Now it's 2010 and I have been exercising my possession of the children on the weekends and summer.

7. In November 2010 got an invitation from the TExas Attorney general for Child support review that was initiated by my exwife. Showed up to the meeting and they had me listed as delinquinet in 10K in child support. I called my ex-wife and she told me that she told them that those arrears were inaccurate and that she signed a release stating that I had been paying the monthly child support amounts per our divorce decree's modification agreement that was signed back in 2007. Well after talking to the case worker she finally found the release that my exwife signed showing zero.

8. I told them my income Did not significantly change. I sent them paystubs from 2007 (the year of the divorce) til today Nov.2010. The Attorney general sent me an email advising that my income was not a substantial change from 2007 to 2010. I thot the pending file or case brought against me by my ex-wife was going to be closed at the Attorney general....(NOT). The ex wife then later that day lied and told them i wasnt exercising my visitation rights and they said they would move forward with the to two orders to send before the courts: Proposal order#1 Delinquint child support $10K and proposal order #2 a new Modification increasing my child support to $1400 per month.

9. I was like how can the Attorney general send up a delinquent charge of $10K when OAG, my ex-wife have already admitted that they had wrong information and that the amount on the file is now at Zero now? All they said was that the judge will dismiss that part anyway because of my exwife's testimony and her signature signing the release showing that i'm ZERO in the arrears. I told them that I do not think that is fair for them to send a case before the judge with false information expecting the judge to dismiss something that they already know was false from the begin with.

I then retained an attorney (the same attorney that handled my divorce case and the last child support review suit in 2008)

10. On dec 1 2010 I paid my child support to ex wife as I have always did since 2007.

11. Also on dec 1 2010 I notice that my check was short. The Texas Attorney general had garnished my wages. I called my payroll department at my job and they said the TExas Attorney general sent a request to have my monies taken out.

I was like how can they do that without a court order. The lady at my job in payroll said that she had to refer the matter to mgmt because she did not see a court order. They just basically went off their word.

Ohhh and here's the kicker part; I asked the payroll lady at my company for the date of the original request from the attorney generals office to garnish and she stated the request date was October 2010.... which was one month before or prior to me and my ex-wife's scheduled meeting with the Attorney Generals office which took place in Nov 2010.

My exwife went down there in October 2010 and lied to them or more like orchestrated with a carefully plan of attack that was blueprinted by my ex-wife and the Office of the attorney general or vice versa.

1. how can the attorney general abuse it's power like that and send a order to my job telling them to withhold a Higher child support amount Without a Court order and also when i'm already paying my agreed upon amount which is stated in the divorce decree back in 2007 and paying it thru bank transfers to my ex-wife since 2007. I have all the records proving it and have showed the attorney general the records. And we havent even gone to court yet because the Attorney General is working on the court filings as we speak.

This is just wrong and fraudulent on all fronts because of Proposal #1 & proposal #2 that they are filing in court.

The Attorney general is doing some crooked stuff here and my exwife is a party to it or vice versa. I need some direction on legal options and/or how to file a complaint against the office of attorney general superiors. Can I call the news station to get some exposure to bring this out to light and in the open? .... Also Can I bring suit against my ex-wife for fraud and her part in all this?

Thank you in advance for listening and for your response

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