AWWWW Child Support

by Cecil

Love my kids, ex-wife cheated on me.. I got screwed in court. I pay $750.00 a month on my kids, bring home a little over $400.00 every two weeks and I live in NY they are in NC. My ex- wants more money, my current wife absorbs almost all of the bills. If it wasn't for her I'd be in a cardboard box.

I love my kids and wish the best for them. I really wish I had help with modifying my child support payments WITHOUT having to go to court in NC, because of the distance and travel and court costs, lawyer costs who can afford it?

I wish my ex would leave me alone then I would just struggle for a few more years. She (ex-wife) starts with her threats and extortion tactics to try and get more money that I don't have and if I had it I would give it freely to my kids but I don't and she don't understand that.

I am paying 85% of income for them, they are mine and they are good kids, I haven't seen them in over 5 years because of cost to travel. Ex- wife will not go half on a plane ticket to NY.


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Boy Oh Boy
by: eahasang

Sounds familiar. My ex wife (SO SOON TO BE, DIVORCE is in the process as I write this now) cheated and probably cheated for years, upon years. Neither here or nor there she had the odassidy to say it was over, but still wanted to live and parlay in the house, like she had it like that. She worked on ocassion and I honestly think that was my fault, that she didnt work. Because I guess in essence I created a comfort zone.

Now I stayed in the house for nearly six years after she said it was over because my daughters were young, and when I say it was over it was over. She slept on the couch I slept in my room. It was a very disgusting part of my life, disgusting. Ended up in hospitals, different medications, you name it I took it.

I never ever cheated, never. But you pay the price in money, money meaning child support. I never ever had a problem taking care of my daughters. But I guess mothers around the world feel that hey Ill hurt the dad in anoether way by getting at his pockets. And thats what she is trying to do. I pay almost $1000.00 a month, and this still doesnt seem fair to her. I dont get it. Again its to help the children, at least that what I thought. Its not so that the mother can have her nails done, here hair done, take trips.

My fiancee and i swear if it was not for her, I would probably not be here today typing this. I can say that I probably wouldnt. My fiancee puts up with a lot, as I have to put up with a lot through here previous marriage.

There are a lot of fathers out here who provide for there children, a lot of fathers. But as I have been dragged to court from time to time, it doesnt matter if your good, because there are probably twenty guys that went in to see the judge to try to say "im not paying you $75.00 every two weeks or $35.00 every two weeks is wrong". This is what i have seen and heard. Its disgusting. Now my fiancee has to go to court, because her childrens father thinks hes paying too much. Bottom line is that we who are not the bad guys suffer through our pockets and its not right.

There should be some kind of justification as to cheating and if someone cheats they have to pay the courts and have all the money put into an account for the children when they reach 21. But you know what, if she didnt cheat. I would have not met my fiancee, my soul mate. So thank Ms. C_____r for cheating and showing me a new life :)

Well I just wanted to vent.

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