Back and Forth

by Jill

I have been divorced from my childrens father for ten years and still have nothing but problems getting reimbursed from there dad for his obligations to our children.

He has lied to the court so many times and each time he takes me back to court it ends up costing me alot of money that is a waste of time, last time my ex took me to court for a down ward modification during the court trial it was proven that he not only had a job but owned two business's the case was withdrawn by the judge but I still had to pay 10,000.00 in legal bills because he lied when he filed the petion, and again it was proven he lied but the judge denied my legal fees. Now my childrens father is refusing to pay his portion of camp which they need so that I can go to work and according to the aggrement he is responsible for child care expenses, because he is no help because he lives out of state. I am so tired of going to court that I am not going to file a petion against him because it'll end up costing me more than his portion in legal fees and lost work pay.

I am so fed up with the way the system works and how this man for ten years keeps using the courts to fuel his lies and in the end hurt my children. I dont know why I cant send the bill for camp to Albany to support collections and they make him pay the bill to them because he wouldnt make them beg for the money like he does to me. I am done with begging for my chiildren I am better than that.

I wish there was a way to show these sociopath's that there actions are only hurting there children.

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sociopaths do not care for their children
by: mom "won" custody

Sociopaths do not care for their children. At ALL! They care only for themselves. It is all about him. The last commentator complained that men are "abused by child support". These men do not understand neglect and abuse of their children. If we ask them to care for their children we are "abusing" them. In New York family court men have rights but no responsibilities while women shoulder all the responsibilities but have no rights.

Get over it
by: Anonymous

Lady i cant feel sorry for you when I owe 148,950,00 on a 35 yr old woman that I paid childsupport on as a child. Just get over it and leave him alone . If it is costing you that much money you can never recover it with child support . If he does not want the responsibilty just let him go . Your children are better off with out him. Men in this country are being abused over childsupport so much that . Men just want to disappear and be left alone. That does not make it right either. But when you pay child support when they are children and your ex lies in court and says you never paid. You get bitter.

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