Bats Need Their Own Cave

A while back, I wrote a story called "Even Bats Have Caves" ( That story ended well in August of last year. Almost.

In September, my son came to live with me. My ex-wife found her dream boyfriend and that disrupted her house so much that, because of the hostilities, it seemed to be best that he come with me. In December, the boyfriend was gone due to a difference of opinion on how to raise the kids. On December 1, we went to court and I was awarded custody of my son. We both agreed and because my daughter lives with her, child support was not required. The judge commented on how well we seemed to be able to work out issues when it came to our kids.

In January, the boyfriend found his way back. Needless to say, before long she began a relentless surge to bring him back. Keep in mind her income has made a $700.00/month down turn since the custody change. Not hard to figure that one out.

By May, she had convinced my son to "prefer" to live with her. On Memorial Day, she didn't let him come back amidst the cry of child preference and false allegations of substance abuse.

2 months later and I still wasn't successful in bringing him back. Even though I easily disproved the drug allegations, nothing I did worked including a writ of habeas corpus. In fact, after the hearing on the Writ, I couldn't initiate any contact.

$2500.00 in payday loans later, we went back to court. The judge decided to interview my kids again and well, things changed. The role of the boyfriend became quite clear. Looks like they have their very own cave.

I now have custody of both my children. For the rest of the story.

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Jul 16, 2012
Finally! A happy ending!
by: Chris Stdein

every website i go to its the same outcome: fathers get screwed. I am sorry for your struggle but delight in the victory over injustice.

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