behind on paint due to medical disability

by John

In September I was unable to work due to a badly broke foot which kept me home for 7 months I tried calling the Ag to notify them of my situation and was told "it don't matter you still need to make your payment" now I'm being threatened that if I don't start paying that I will end up going to court and going to jail I am now 6,000 plus behind.

The whole time I was disabled I only saw my daughter 3 times and all 3 times had to remove adult lice from her beautiful hair, now that I'm back working they tell me that I need to continue my payments AND PAY EXTRA FOR THE BACK PAY AND THAT IT IS NOT UP TO ME TO DO SO THAT THE AG WILL MAKE THE DETERMINATION ON HOW MUCH EXTRA THEY TAKE OUT OF MY CHECK. ON REP TOLD ME THAT THE AG DON CARE IF YOUR IN A COMA FOR 3 YEARS YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY... HOW IS THIS JUSTICE ? I understand that if I was willingly not making payment then I understand but when I am physically unable to work then there should be a some options that allows these situations to be remedied without cutting throats and watching father's bleed out.

These laws make it seem like the mother is a saint in court but us father's are deemed demons, they make it seem like I was the one who opened up and sleep with my brother in law while she was out of town working. I hope there is someone re righting the this shitty law in Texas

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