Beware of the Attorney Generals Childsupport Division

by Kimberly York
(Big Spring, Texas)

In 2007 only with much persistance on my part the attorney generals office got a conviction finally of nonpayment of child support. But by no means does this story end there. My x was court ordered a month in jail, to go to the work forsece solutions and take a class to help him get a job and probation. He actually severved 15 days in jail never attended the class and the attorney generals office made the choice of not putting him on probation. Well he continued to pay as he felt like paying which was very sporatic and finally they took him to court again, but only after me pushing and calling them almost every day for 6 months.

Well he went in front of the judge, and they court ordered, 6 months in jail and to have his drivers license revoked. He had the option of payin 1800.00 of the 18000 dollars he owed but he chose not to. They let him out in 4 months, and did not revoke his license. When I called them they stated the judge didnt order it revoked. Funny thing I had a copy of the court order in front of me and it clearly stated to revoke thier license. They also gave out all my personal information to him which they were not suppose to since he is a convicted domestic violence offender.

So my warning to all out there, is read the court orders that were issued bye the judge because the Attorney Generals Office that is paid by our taxes frequently doesnt follow the judges orders and makes thier own rules as they go along. By the way my x's child support is only 154.00 a month for two children.

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