Broken Society

by Inessa Kotkov



I live in Wisconsin with my children. For the past six years I have been trying to find Serge Kuissi, the father of my children so that I can bring him to justice for their sake. I need for him to pay the child support he owes for his children. There is a reason I cannot forgive bad people because they destroy my life; I struggle to support my children, and not just because of how expensive everything is. I have daycare bills as well as many other bills that I am having difficulty paying. I have developed insomnia as a result from the fact that we live in such a broken society; how easy it is for a criminal to screw over other people.

I cannot afford to see my parents for the last fifteen years and I gave the word this year that I will not write a letter to them until I find this man. So it is embarrassing to tell my parents that I was disconnected from society all these years due the position I am in as being disadvantaged --regardless of my beliefs. I do not simply have myself to struggle in life but my children as well. Meanwhile, this man, who I unfortunately call the father of my children, given his selfish behavior, has abandoned his children, knowing all too well that no one probably has the time to locate him or simply because people have their own problems to deal with.

He is manipulated by another woman. He was a normal person in the beginning, and then things changed. He started to see another women secretly. His current girlfriend hired someone for a mere fifty bucks to hurt me. Although she paid her relative to hire, he has denied her involvement and does not mind moving in with her because she got rich overnight, so she paid his lawyers to fight against me and my children in court. A court of law, no less. He was so excited to move into her new house that very next day that he had the chutzpah to pretend his previous family did not exist. So I take him to court and my motion was denied because he paid his lawyers. They soon moved to 6610 S.44th. Lane Laveen, Arizona 85339-6256 where I am guessing he changed his name, social security number, and probably does not even have to work because of the other woman’s financial status. And through this selfish behavior they end up hurt the children the most by abandoning them to try and feed their own greed.

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