by Debbie
(New York)

I don't know how it is that only *I* have had this experience. Everyone else I've ever talked to has had the experience of being the "screwed over Dad". Well, I am the screwed over Mom. My ex doesn't pay his court ordered child support. He currently owes me over $17,000 dollars. Yes, that says seventeen thousand dollars. I have taken him to court maybe 7 or 8 eight times since the original court order from April of last year. The judge awards me a "judgement" which means I'll never collect the money. They just tack on the amount that was owed at that time and put it on the already garnished support I'm supposed to get. Like I said, I'll never get it. My ex makes over 90K a year. He has figured out a way to screw me over.

He's been out on "disability" for 14 out of the last 16 months. See, if he's not at work because he's disabled, and the insurance company is "screwing him over" and not paying his disability payments, then nothing gets garnished to me. And if he doesn't follow protocol and do what is required by the insurance company, they don't pay. He's lost his house, his car, I'm sure he'll lose his job any day. He has nothing. But he doesn't care. He would rather have nothing than to pay me.

Our health insurance was cancelled. And every single time I take this man to court the judge says "I can't give you what he doesn't have. If he's not getting his payments there's nothing I can do". What about all these horror stories of men getting thrown in jail? How about suspended licenses? Or other "consequences"???? Where the hell are those? It's like pulling teeth. I've been reprimanded by the judge and even yelled at because she claims there's nothing she can do. So, he sits at his girlfriends house and drinks or watches tv or does whatever he does all day, and doesn't worry about a single thing.

And my children and I have been evicted, I've almost lost my car (that happens monthly), my credit is tanked and my mother had to bring me groceries today all because that good for nothing man does not take care of his responsibilities and that jugde does absolutely nothing to help me get what is rightfully, legally mine!!!!! ONLY IN NEW YORK!!!

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