Can I do something? Get justice?

by Bobbi
(Shreveport Louisiana)

My story begins when I worked at an University where I met B., a fellow collegue. She was a sore for eyes but she seemed nice so we became friends. She was sleeping around with many men, seemed very sexually (freaky) and after persuing me I made the stupid mistake to give in...We became less friends, just had sex a couple of times. She told me she couldnt get pregnant and that's why her husband divorced her.

Ofcourse the miracle happened: she called me, she was pregnant and it could only be ME! My world shattered, I was 25 and I didn't love her, couldn't stand to be around her (I already broke contact)! My family comes from a church going, highly educated, honorable background. They said I had to man up, buy a house for us and the baby and try and have a relationship with her. To shortly sum up how that went: she was lazy, mean, abusive, stinking, ugly and after several fights she finally left with my daughter, who then was born.

I helped her after this, by paying her rent, giving her a car, etc. She kept sleeping around, got new boyfriends, kept moving so I took my daughter in and provided for her for 5,5 years. I paid her school, insurance, clothes, everything! She went to her mom in the weekends and her mom was always in drama, money issues, police, it was heart hurtening! She was such a bad rolemodel and aside from this, she verbually continued attacking me, calling me a dead-beat, she hated me, wouldn't rest till I was hurt, would take my daughter away if I didn't pay more etc.

When my daughter was 5.5 y/o her mom decided, when she had another child (by a man who left her immediatly) she wanted to move out of state and take my daughter. My daughter wanted to go, so I didn't want to stop it. I was hurt because the turture began: give me money, more money, you're not speaking to your daughter, I'm telling your daughter you don't love her, etc.

I went out the country to be away from it all and met my future wife. She is so beautiful, no children yet, no drama, I love her to death! But our relationship was hard, since my ex continued attacking, calling, saying things about my wife etc. After 4 years we decided to move back to the US. Start a courtcase because we travelled to America, made many costs but never saw my daughter. I paid monthly child support and paid her insurance for 4 years, every months since my daugther lived with her. I wanted to file joint custody, visitation rights, etc.

But what happens? DNA test results (in the court case) that the hooker lied and I was NOT the father! I even did a 2nd test, to verify...
I paid 6000$ per year and the courtcases (she started 3 to just mess with me) were like 15.000$. Can I do anything? File for harrassment? Any way to get any money back?

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