Changing Child Support

Changing child support in America can seem like a difficult task. The child support system has been around for decades and has grown into a beast raging out of control. How is it that the system can continue charging child support when a non-custodial parent is out of work? How is it that the system can continue charging the same rates of child support when a non-custodial parent's pay has been cut in half?

What gives the system the right to throw someone in jail because they are unable to make payments due to unforeseen circumstances in their lives? How is it that the system can freeze your accounts, suspend any type of license, revoke your passport all in the name of enforcement (failed to make payments)? How is it that the system can confiscate your tax return because you owe  back payments? How is it that the child support system has so much control over someone? They literally have the power to ruin lives and have done so in many cases.

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it is OK to avoid your responsibilities in providing for your offspring. I am simply stating that it is not necessary for there to be a third party to force parents to make payments.

Many would say that changing child support needs to happen. Some would argue that the system in all needs to be eliminated. Others would even say that they agree on how the child support system works but needs regulations. One thing is for certain and that is the child support system is here to stay. The only possible way of changing child support is if every child support paying parent stops paying into the system. But how likely is that to occur? I truly believe that child care should be established between the mother and father of the child/children. Not some machine that thinks it has the right to use force on someone in order to squeeze what little one has.

What about the dead beat parents you say? Yes, there are those who will not pay child support even if the are being enforced. They will absolutely avoid payments by any means. Weather they work under the table for cash, which can not be traced by the way, or not working all together and hiding out. So what good will the child support system be in this case? So many stories I have read where good fathers or mothers are thrown in jail and the dead beats are at large.

In my view it seems like the system is flawed. If a father or mother are good parents willing to provide for their children, then there will be no need for a system that has failed them anyway. Should they happen to have an event in their lives that prevents them from paying at no fault of their own, should they be punished with threats of jail time and added interest on their arrears?

Do I think changing child support is impossible? No, but highly improbable. I do not agree on how the child support system operates because it cares not of the people who suffer. In the end, the only one's that truly suffer are our children.

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