Child getting support is a dead-beat dad

by John D
(Brunswick, GA)

I elected to pay a flat monthly amount of support that averaged $155 a month more than the basic amount. Over the years that amouns to something over $13,000.

For one year, my son lived with my wife and me. During that time his mother was allowed to pay $500 a month in support, although her annual income is greater than mine.

From March through October of this year my son lived with his girlfriend, who is pregnant by him, while attempting to enlist in the US Army. Although I was paying his rent and providing cash for their living expenses, Family Court ruled him emanciapated. His mother provided little, if any, help to him and was not required to do so by the Court. The support Order stated it was nice of me to do, but I did'nt have to help.

Come October, my son was fired from his part-time job, was informed the Army would not accept him and he tired of being a father. He moved back to New York with his mother (my ex).

He claims to have returned to go back to college. He has quit mid-semester twice in the last year. I'm hopeful he will succeed this time, but still doubtful.

He has abandoned his girlfrind and his child, as has his mother. they have little contact and no support of any kind for the past two months. My ex stated she would not take the girlfrind in and that she could get public housing and support here in Georgia.

The girlfriends family has either written her off or is unfit for her to live with. (Her mother lives with a registered sex offender).

The girlfrind is due to deliver in the next two weeks. My wife and I have taken her in and will be providing her support for the foreseeable future.

On November 30, I was ordred by NYS Family Court to again start paying full support. This even though I'm supporting his girlfriend and his soon to be child.

After we pay our rent, utilities and insurance, we will have just about the same weekly amount to take care of three adults and an infant as I have to pay for support of my son who is quickly becoming a dead beat father.

I fail to see the equity in this situation. The Family Court Magistrates and Judges have the ability to adjust support but seem to ignore the fathers who are trying to do the right thing. It seems the more I try to do the more I am punished for it.

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