CHILD / SUPPORT .............. FOR WHO?

by smrfr
(Brooklyn, NY)

I am Considered as a Criminal not a Father at all in the States, with No Complaints nor Committing a crime.

I don't blame anyone nor these poor person(s), but; Education and Understanding needs to be in order Per-INDIVIDUAL and It's not by any Law(s). These Poor people don't have the Knowledge nor Management skills to raise a family inculding The Rich.

A Poor Family in any Poverty line = Death from their Governmnet (etc), Especially In the US of A - aswell to this "Waste of time with Child support".

When we were together, the rent was way less than what is now.

I would give her $850.00 a month for rent .... Cash. But as you may know again, on the DL She applieds for welfare and section 8. And I didn't even know about that. that monthly bill rent was coming in all the time to be paid. I even told my self that something is wrong IN THIS PICTURE. But; I am a man and I had to take care of the family. You know. So her games started rolling in, with Hate and Greed. Until she gave me those court order paper(s).

But at first, When I found out that I was going to be a father, Man I was happy as hell !!
I was doing O/T at work had a nice Ring for that socal girlfriend at that time. And she had the nurves, to tell me that she'll think about it..... It took her 6 months ....just to say (NO)!

So I sold it, I didnt care....I already new that relationship was DEAD. NO future.......what so ever.

But; I was there for my Child. She was born in 1992 and in 1993 upto now paying that childsupport and were in 2011, STILL with her Problems and Drama.

One day I got home early from work, she didn't know about it. and she wasn't home at the moment.On the living room table, there were $1000.00 in food stamps paper money, not what they have now, that food stamp credit card.I told her, where did she get that money. she told me OH...OH, It's my mothers.But, at that time her entire family were or that's If they are still on welfare and section 8, I careless about them.So like two days or so, all that I see is more Hate coming form her.

I've been paying childsupport since 1993 (she was born in 1992) - Plus Extra. and it's 2011. I Know she didn't ask to be born, Nor ( I ) was ask to pay Childsupport - It was by Force. Now, what is a good father? I was and had been there for her, from the day she was born upto 16 1/2 years old...UNTIL the conversation stopped from her. And It was HELL. But is the EX doing this crap to me. I'm not going to play this or these GAMES that women DO. I lost that trust with my socal daugther. I careless about HER MOTHER, she had the nerve to call ME - 7 seven - months later, JUST TO SEE IF ( I ) wanted to attend the babyshower.

I careless, I lost that feeling. But this childsupport needs to end.

My Socal back stabbing Daugther, Has zero Education just like her Mother. Has a man - That wont marry. Hates me - For whatever reason?

That's why I lost the trust and faith in the system and the sickness of peasants. I don't and "YES" I lost that trust with my socal daugther. But in between, My Ex - is married with more children's.

She's also work's off the books, and of course - welfare and on section 8.

So, Is ALL the same game plan, "My socal daugther" Is going to do the same to her "Boyfriend(s)". All that I see IS NO MARRIAGE, NOT WORKING ON THE BOOKS, NOT GRADUATING, NOT JOINING THE US FORCES. She'll RUN to the courthouses, SOON - as HER mother did to me, She just took my INFO from My wallet and went to Court's.

And Yes, That's my socal daugther and I do Hate her aswell as to her mother. Is just to proof to the courts, BY HER MOTHER. that my socal daugther is still living with her, just to collect childsupport.

But; Life goes on.

The Law In NYC is upto 21 years old....I hate that; But; the next (EX) plan is - when my socal Daugther turns 21 years old.

The Ex will RUN.........RUN to the Court's and TELL the Judge, that my socal Daugther is attending some fake school ( With no proof what so ever ) Just to push it upto 23 years old.

Now ------ wouldn't that be nice??

A man or even a father, sure love's to make the EX's life worthwhile.....Just for money.

(No Drung's nor Alcohol in this picture, nor WWF...etc)

That's why I lost the Trust and Faith in the system and the sickness of peasants.

As to the bill of rights, does anyone know - what it is to be Falsely accused of a Crime? All because that ( I ) or an individual just wanted to be a parent to One Child. My Socal daugther dropped out of school, and is working off the books, She's 19 y'o and a parent. "That's an Adlut" BUT CHILDSUPPORT IS UPTO 21 YEARS OLD, BECAUSE THEIR CONSIDERD AS AN INFANT IN THE COURTS OF NYC ???.

That's not Reality.

In Reality, an a Adult is 18 years Old. They can DO what ever they Like or Want.From Filming or making a Porn movie, Smoking MJ or Cig even Drinking a Beer.
Robbing or Kill someone, Drive any types of Car's.
Work at any Job(s) thats if they want to, or Drop out from any School's? Have a child with any or many partner's or be Gay....etc. Do time in Jail or in Prison as an Adult.

The thing that bothers me is, How can a grown person.
Be on welfare and on section 8 - on the DL (With one child at that time) - with my socal own kid, for 16 1/2 years !!

On the DL- Be married ( still is ) with Two more Kids, and on welfare and on section 8 ( with her husband ) Now is 18 1/2 years later and still on welfare and on section 8, But working off the books for 4 years now.
Plus childsupport from me, Any Tax Refund = A red flag for me. It doesn't make any sense.

It's not a crime to be a man, It's a crime to have a Child........Period.

So, to those Young Cats or Players, DON'T HAVE ANY KIDS!!

Even if that women tells "YOU" that your selfish, or that Monster-in-law "IS" asking and begging on her kness "FOR" a Grandchild.

Just walk AWAY, you don't even have to explain your self.....Just walk AWAY.

It's all about Money and more Greed and Selfishness, Now Your Ball(s) is in their "COURTS"....and their laughing behind your back.

Learn from me, Is ugly.

And the Law(s) of Honor Among Thieves of socal Judges in NYC, Wants an Adult continuing paying CS for an Adult upto 21 or 23 years!

Once again, I won't Marry any women(s) with anyone else's CHILD, nor have any CHILD(ren's) with them ON TOP of those KIDS.

That's why I lost the Trust and Faith or Belief in the System and the Sickness of Peasants with Maggots.

As to the Bill of Rights and their Amendments of the U.S. Constitution and these Law(s) of Honor Among Thieves of socal Fake Judges in NYC. If you're an innocent person put to death, Why have any Kids....When you're a CRIMINAL.

That's what the States had turn me into, A Non-believer Under of any Oath and Law(s).- Just like them.

Why Have Any Children(s) when there's no love nor respect from Strangers.

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May 31, 2012
CHILD / SUPPORT ..........FOR WHO 2 ?
by: smrfr

If only we all can and could sue the Family Court System...But, Can We?
Is only a Company just like the rest of them where WE are the “CUSTOMERS"...Is like making a Monthly Payment on our own Children's...Like a Bill...Rent...or Credit Card Fraud.....etc. Just by saying – No!!, I Won't!!, I Can't!!, It's not my Problem!!, I don't Care!!, I need to move on with Our or my Family lives!!. But, we'll know is about only – Money for – DRUGS in Mexico and the WAR and Oil and the Is Not about having a family....let's knock on Dog Shit. Is about supporting the Prostitution in the States of AMERICA and In New York City at Wall Street. THE Ploy (ploi) n.An action calculated to frustrate an opponent or gain an advantage indirectly or deviously; a maneuver: "A typical ploy is to feign illness, procure medicine, then sell it on the black market" (Jill Smolowe)THE BAILOUT… is the realization that things like government and religion are just obnoxious devices people have created in order to control society.

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