Child Support Fraud

by Mickey
(Davis, Ok)

I live in Oklahoma and when my wife left she moved to Arizona and filed for divorce. we have four children, three which I am the biological father and one that was with another man she had during our relationship.

When she left she couldn't "handle" the kids. In the divorce court I requested a paternity test and was denied by the Arizona court!! Then they determined that I was 10,000$ plus behind on child support at the time of the divorce. I tried to explain that I had the children a week and half after she left and I did not owe that. After 16 years of Arizona garnishing my wages for back child support taking half of my pay I NOW owe 17,000.00$ and my kids are adults.

The court requested that an investigation be done and it was determined by the Oklahoma court that I had the kids on the time in question. they checked medical records and school records. when the evidence was turned over to the Arizona court they stated "Arizona does not recognize Oklahoma court system" and hung up on the Oklahoma Judge. Then to my amazement I was served an arrest warrant from Oklahoma for back child support in the amount of over 12,000.00$.

After 5 years of fighting Oklahoma and Arizona, Oklahoma determined that the amount was taken by fraud and I was dismissed of all charges. I paid Oklahoma over six thousand dollars while fighting this case. The real kicker to this story is I have court documents showing that she also committed fraud in Arizona and the courts will not overturn the decisions of their own court.

I have a review hearing this Thursday and try again. I have been denied visitations because I was behind on support and all my nail was sent back ""box holder refused" to my surprise she had moved back to Oklahoma and lived less than an hour from me for over 9 years.

She never moved the case because she committed fraud in Oklahoma. I now have a good relationship with my ADULT kids. three know the truth and one is still undecided until the court Thursday the 21st of march 2013. I tried to get an attorney in Arizona but cannot afford the fee they charge. because I live out of the state of Arizona they want 5000.00$ to take the case.

They ALL say I have hard evidence and the court should overturn it but no one will take the case without the retainer. I was denied the honor and privilege of being in my children's life because she committed fraud in Oklahoma and Arizona. there needs to be changes in the Arizona child support division. People commit fraud and they will not go after the real criminal.

I wish someone will help but I know that no one will without $$$$. She now resides in Snowflake Arizona. she moved back when she learned that I was going after her the payments I made to Oklahoma.

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