Child Support Help and Experiences

Millions of custodial and non-custodial parents seek child support help almost every day. Some custodial parents may seek help on child support enforcement, locating a deadbeat parent, how to collect past due child support payments, or even the child support system itself.

Others may seek help in modifying the child support amount per month, visitations rights and even seek answers on why the system is fair to some and not to others. People have different experience and stories depending on their circumstances. Parents who pay and receive child support have a lot to say and are willing to share it with other parents who seek their side of the story.

The system can be fair to some and unfair to others. Is there a way that we as parents who pay and receive child support can change this? I have put together this directory of child support stories in hopes that we all can get the help that we need, or in hopes that the right person comes along who has the knowledge and power to get you the advice and help that you need.

Father's Rights

Many fathers feel they do not have rights or feel that they are unfairly treated by the child support system. Here you will find child support help on the rights of the father. You will find stories of how some fathers feel that the child support system must change. You will also find stories of fathers who feel the system has worked for them. You will also have the opportunity to tell your story and share your experiences. Click here to share your story.

Child Support Help with Collections

Collecting child support can be a long and exhausting task, according to some parents who have wrote their story in the post. Here you can relate to others who have the same goal (Collecting Child Support Payments). Parents share their story of the trials and tribulations on collecting child support arrears. Learn how they overcame their obstacles; keep your mind open as they share their stories, and if you have a story or experience to tell thenClick here to share your story.

Child Support News

Here you will find the latest news on child support laws and have the chance to comment or share your story if similar. You may find news on child support such as what state has changed its laws, how the calculations on child support have changed, celebrities who owe back child support etc. Click here to share your story.

Getting child support help can come along way. Helping one another and sharing your stories lets people know that they are not alone. There is help, there is someone who shares your pain, and there is someone that can give encouraging words. You are not alone, you can be apart of a community seeking help from one another and sharing some amazing stories.

Getting Help from a Lawyer

Another great way to receive help is by seeking a lawyer. They can answer any of your legal questions the you have little knowledge on. How to establish child support, how to enforce child support laws and how to get the proper visitations.

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