Child Support is not the FED's calling and is an abuse of authority

by Richard Covington
(Miaim, Florida)

In my book there's no such thing as a deadbeat father or deadbeat mother. This whole barbaric medieval era minded system that the Clinton Administration created is an extension of the women's movement. This system from hell garnishes the wages, tax refund checks and economical stimulus checks of below poverty non-custodial parents. This has been going on way before the double dip recession came into effect. Parents who owe child support can't obtain a passport, can have their credit rating admonished, can be incarcerated and have their drivers license suspended. "WHO IN THE HELL DO THE FEDS THINK THEY ARE" Parents are not criminals and should not be held hostage for money.

Damaging our credit rating and suspending our drivers license will only further decrease our marketability for employment. What's more, is that this system has created an atmosphere of DIMINISHED AUTONOMY, POVERTY, LOW SELF ESTEEM, HOMELESSNESS, DESTITUTION, CRIME, RECIDIVISM, SUICIDE and INCREASED TAXES. A lot of fathers can't afford to pay child support! We don't need the freaking FED's to manage our money. Managing our money is managing our lives for life aint about nothing but money! GIVE US BACK OUR AUTONOMY.

The very entity that we look onto for leadership executes abuses of power on its constituents. Child support enforcement is not the FED's calling! Free us from your bondage immediately for what is there to live for anymore. I'm a functional homeless man age 52 who is a veteran and college grad living on the streets of Miami. I'm homeless for a variety of reasons, i.e. can't find a job, wage garnishment, Hispanic dominated job market, employment discrimination, bad economy, an era where stubborn employers will not hire and train the college grads and most of all a DYSFUNCTIONAL GOVERNMENT IN WASHINGTON.

What about the taxes we pay in the sum of 30k to 60k per annum to incarcerate an inmate? More than 2 thirds of every state's fiscal budget is attributed towards corrections. It's no doubt that corrections is much more of a burden on tax payers than any so called deadbeat parent could ever be! There should have been a million man march to help stop the implementation of this system from hell. I was only able to earn $550 last year. I was due an income tax refund of $1100 but it was intercepted by the IRS and given to child support enforcement officials. I had zero income at that time and you mean that they could have at least given me half? I know you mothers are laughing but this is far from funny?

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Not Criminals
by: Anonymous

How is it okay for the non custodial parent to just move on in their life without being held accountable for their responsibility. I am a parent who had sole physical and legal custody of my son while he was growing up. His father's lack of concern and care of whether my bills got paid or not were not his concern or whether his own son had a roof over his head but I am supposed to be concerned that because he now owes me close to 29,000.00 in back child support that his credit or driver's license may be suspended or he may be incarcerated. He was never worried whether his only child had what he needed or wanted while he was a child and is still unconcerned as to his only child's well being. I have stated to him that it isn't and never was about the money but about his being a parent to the child he helped to create. Even now, he has a "new life" and his son is getting married this year and he couldn't care less. So do I thinka deadbeat parent deserve to be called a criminal or whatever? YES

Child support insanity
by: Mike

Can you imagine working at the following Company? It has a little over 500
employees with the following statistics: 29 have been accused of spousal abuse.
7 have been arrested for fraud. 19 have been accused of writing bad checks. 117
have bankrupted at least two businesses. 3 have been arrested for assault. 71
cannot get a credit card due to bad credit. 14 have been arrested on
drug-related charges. 8 have been arrested for shoplifting. 21 are current
defendants in law suits. 84 were stopped for drunk driving in 1998 alone. Can
you guess which organization this is? Give up? It's the 535 members of your
United States Congress. The same group that perpetually cranks out hundreds
upon hundreds of new laws designed to keep the rest of us in line."

Aristotle once said that Republics decline into democracies and democracies degenerate into despotisms. We are there, and it will only get worse...

Child Support is not the FED's calling and is an abuse of authority
by: smrfr

From; Senator Bill Bradley Law (NJ) and Bill Clinton....the Devils behind the game's of Childsupport......The New American Story begins by facing our reality squarely. No lying. No fudging the numbers. No excuses for inaction. No wallowing in bad news. No spinning of good news. Just the facts.

Just as rain nourishes our crops, so does the attention of the people nourish our democracy. Without citizen involvement, democracy will die. With it, great things are possible—for all of us.

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