"child support" is UNCONSTITUNIONAL

by Patrick

I am a single father of two children that's being choked to death by the corrupt "child support" system. The story is when my ex-wife and I were married we had opposite work schedules, I took all the care of our children since I had the day schedule and she worked nights. Well long story short she was cheating on me, she would leave work and not come home, or leave us at home so she could go to this guys house. She even abandoned the kids with me for about a month after we fully separated.

Then one day she picks them up from daycare and tells me I won't see them till its time for my weekends. After a while me and her worked out our own deal for support payments, then next thing I know I'm being served papers to go to court on a "child support" order. While in there her FREE attorney takes her outside the court room and talks her into using the court for her support order. Granted I don't make much, but the judge didn't take her actions, or anything into account by my GROSS income..... like the government doesn't already jack us in taxes, and we see every penny of what our pay is...... needless to say I'm paying $500 a month on poverty level pay....

I lost my home, I had to change jobs because the one I had didn't pay you for days off no matter what it was for, also this was going on when gas prices were skyrocketing outta control. And I also just recently lost my vehicle b/c I can't afford the upkeep on it, and I damn sure can't afford another one as I'm bring home WAY less than $5 an hour.

But don't get it wrong, I know I have to help support my children. But I/we DON'T need the goddamn government stepping in and telling us what we need to do with OUR damn kids! Especially when they're NOT on any kind of government support like welfare, Medicaid, or food stamps. My problem is women like my ex-wife are being REWARDED for being dirty, trampy, whores. She gets to watch my kids grow up and collect unconstitutionally unfair amounts of money from me, while I struggle to survive and only see them on my weekends..... This system is broke, and needs MAJOR REFORM!!

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