Child support laws come from Marxist Soviet Family Laws

The recent (past 50 years) child support laws derive from Soviet Family Law, Article 81 (which started in the Soviet Union in 1917, were modified in 1944 and 1969, and were carried forth into new Russian Family Law in 1995; nothing changed from Soviet Family law to new Russian Family law). Soviet Child Support laws were adopted in the US by radical feminist groups and womens' bar associations into what is now known as the "Wisconsin Child Support Model" (1980s). This model has been adopted in one form or another by every state in the US.

Given that judges, lawyers, child support workers, law enforcement, politicians, etc. ALL took an Oath of Office to uphold, support & defend the US Constitution as a condition of public employment, this Oath as a condition of the public employees' service recognizes We the People's fundamentally secured rights. By adopting and enforcing Soviet-style, anti-American, unconstitutional child support laws, judges and all other public officials involved commit unconstitutional conflicts-of-interest, felony Official Misconduct, felony Fraud, felony Racketeering, and even Treason & Sedition for warring against the Constitution and We the People.

Want to eliminate the child support "deadbeat" problem and the purported arrearages that go along with it??? Eliminate the entire $10 BILLION per year child support bureaucracy/industry and send the money saved to all child support recipients by social security-type check or wire transfer. End of the "deadbeat" and arrearage problem! End of wasted taxpayers' monies to pay for "deadwood" gov't employees & their bloated pensions! End of "deadbeat" judges and politicians! End of lawyers ripping off divorcing couples and stealing all of their assets making them unable to comply with child support! End of the Soviet, Marxist laws that are the cause of the divorce problem in this country!

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