Child Support Scam!

by glimmerman
(Seguin, Texas, usa)

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Thanks For Your Service!

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My wife became involved in a co-worker and divorced me then married him. After several years they separated and she moved in and lived with a attorney along with my two children. She moved out and married twice more and after I paid all of my child support to the Texas State Attorney General via a child support agency she hired. I was sued for more child support by her former live-in companion attorney.

He stated the agency she hired and the state attorney general (who verified I do not owe any child support) were all wrong and only his figures were correct. I hired an attorney to represent me and he failed to answer a summons and a judgement was rendered against me. My attorney requested another hearing and my ex's attorney failed to appear in court, case dismissed-not quite! A week later I found out that the dismissal was set aside due to the date being unreadable! I found out later my ex's attorney had smudged the date!

I wanted prosecution and was told by my attorney it would look bad! My attorney then appeared in court and took the blame for not responding to the summons (on court record) and asked the judgement be set aside or he would be responsible for damages and payment! The judgement was not set aside. I hired another attorney to ask for damages and never heard back after paying the attorney. Since that time my wages, social security, bank accounts have all been taken. I have been fired from two jobs over this. My present wife's wages have been garnished and bank accounts take.

I have had threatening emails from this attorney and had to declare bankruptcy listing my ex and this attorney on the bankruptcy as I have documents and court filings from the Texas state attorney general I do not owe child support! My ex's attorney represents himself as a collector from the Texas state attorney general's office using their closed case number. I filed a grievance with the Texas state bar and they have done nothing. I guess I am headed back to the bankruptcy court with my wife again as now we have no funds to make our house or car payments??

I am a military veteran of 7 years and a former law enforcement officer of 11 years. I feel like a "sucker" not for defending a country and justice system that has done this to me and my family. Both of my children now are in their 30's! All of this money is going into the pocket of this attorney!

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Government Scam
by: Sio Makihele

I got proof of child support payment. My ex and I had a verbal agreement temporary separation and I kept all receipts. Everything was ok until we both got into a relationship. I got hit hard with child support. $1300 for 5-years. My back child support started at $30+thousand and after five years of paying $1300. a month my back-owe interest went up to $80+thousand. Who has money to go to court when the government has taking all your money and slaps a bad FICO score to leave you crippled that we may not buy or sell anything. After researching I've came to my conclusion. Why does Texas take my driver license when I was paying $1300. a month??? My interest rate's value is less then my SSI when @ retirement. President Lincoln has warned us about the government, to all christian Jesus said, "the government will be upon thy shoulders", Einstein said, "the world is a dangerous place not because of the evil people but because we the people won't stand together. This is the world we chose to leave behind our childrens and childrens chlidrens. The Government can take our homes away at anytime...oh wait?? they did.

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