Child Support system is broken

by Mike Findley
(Illinois )

I have a case that originated in AZ, both CP and Ncp have moved to different states. Cp has not filed the CS order as a foriegn judgment in her new state of NV, and NCP has requested a modification in AZ, but was told after 5 months that AZ no longer has jurisdiction.

NCP has been unable to file the case in IL, his current state, or NV. NV child support division told NCP to have the order dismissed and require CP to file the child support order in the child's home state. IL told the NCP that there is no way to file the order in IL since the child lives in NV even though IL has personal jurisdiction over NCP.

NCP is in desperate need for a modification of the current order and the process has been denied numerous times in the past even after the birth of a second child of the NCP.

I don't think it's as easy as filing a motion to dismiss in AZ on the basis of the state no longer having jurisdiction. I have a list of over 20 reasons that the case should be reviewed or even dismissed from the current order being simply unfair to all the way to the existing order being unconstitutional.

Should I file the motion to dismiss and argue my 24 reasons or is there a better and faster way to get my order modified.

My resources are non existent, I make good money, but pay more than 50% of my income in child support, which has essentially allowed cp to kidnap or child, and interfered with my constitutional right to raise my children.

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Child Support system is broken
by: Anonymous

First, you have no constitutional rights to raise a child period. That is removed from both parents when you sign a birth certificate. You only have administrative authority interim.

Second, if you want to modify your support order in IL you will need to get a lawyer in NV and have an order for a foreign judgment for enforcement sent to Il to be registered. Then you will have opportunity to modify. This is the only way you can do this unless you just stop paying support (they will do it anyway then) or all parties agree to change the jurisdiction. If you live in Illinois and there is a NV order telling your employer to withhold funds, that is illegal. Of course the entire child support law in all states are 100% unlawful and amount to a writ of attainder.

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