Child support, who is it really supporting??

by Cynthia Cluster
(Globe Arizona)

I married the man of my dreams almost 2 years ago, He was divorced with 4 children in Arizona, divorced for a second time with the mother of his children. They married in 92 had a daughter in 93 divorced in 94, child support was set at 128.00 a month for one child. They reconciled in May of 96 moved back in together, and of course she did not report this to Des or child support until they re-married in July of 2000 by that time child support had racked up but what was worse was the interest fees, the clearing house fees it ended up that he owed 5,000.00 in back support and over 6,000.00 in interest fees. Now they divorced again in 2006 and support was set at $50.00 a month my husband is on disability and she had a good job plus their oldest daughter's social security check which she was blowing on Meth! We obtained custody of the children in August of 2008 and guess what, we are still paying child support! We had to start these kids over from scratch when they came to us. Their mother had been locked out of her house by the courts and everything they owned clothes, beds, toys everything was locked in the house and no way to get the things unless she paid her back rent. So my state tax and half of my income tax, the stimulus payment? half of that too is going to arrerages.

We got the first time home buyers LOAN almost all of that went to back owed support which is not even showing up on the child support web site yet and that was over 4 months ago! Even though I work 2 jobs We have fallen behind in our mortgage we have to stretch paycheck to paycheck bouncing bill to bill trying to keep the electricity on the gas on the water on and the kids fed mean while my husbands social security checks are being knocked down by 104.30 a month to pay this child support that $4,982.00 that they took from our income tax could have fixed the hole in the kitchen floor, caught up our mortgage and fixed the kid's bathroom and might have even got the kids some summer clothes! So who are we paying to support if we are paying out child support every month to children who live in our home? Then I call in to child support to ask questions and since I am not a party to the case I can get NO information, not a party to this case? They are taking my damned money how am I not a party to this? Yes I have filed injured spouse and all but they still have their hands out to take a huge chunk of my change! We have gone in front of the judge and agreed to pay the support but is there any way we can knock down the interest fees that's a big fat NO! According to the Judge Its my husbands fault for not checking into see if she took care of this, well he worked 16 hour days and trusted her she said she took care of this here sign that and its all good. Not many men deal with DES or the paperwork to take care of getting money given to your family especially when you are bringing home a large paycheck every week. So that's our story paying support twice every month for children that live it our home we pay to feed them bathe them clothe them and still pay child support on them too! Now who gets that support?? over $6,000.00 in the last 6 months you tell me who is getting the raw end of the deal here?

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50 bucks u got to be kidding me
by: Anonymous

50 dollars a month is nothing to support a child. I would of wipe my butt with that chump change.Would all us be happy if we only had to give our children 50 bucks a month not even lunch money. I understand that mom was not a great mother but maybe dealing with her ex-husband put her over the edge. You new wives kill me complaining about child support you shouldn't of married someone who owes support.I mean 128 dollars then 50 he should of never gotten behind. why didn't he report that the 2 of them was back together?

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