Child Support!

I have a close friend that has a son by an former serviceman. The boy is now 24 years old. His dad was stationed at the Alameda navy base in 1982. When my friend inquired about child support his authorities told her that her son was his 14 child on record that this particular serviceman had at that time.

He paid child support until he got out of the service and then discontinued. She was getting government asistance until she found a job. They finally found him and he paid back the state some $35,000 and they ordered him to pay $1,500 per month for child support and he vanished again and the state stopped persuing him.

Some 17 years later my sister hired an attorney they found this mans assets to be $40,000,000.

My question although as far as she knows there are two laws suits against him in California. It is known that he has been married several times and divorced.

What if anything can be done through the California courts in this case?

Thank you,


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