Children were abducted... I lost my job. And I am the "deadbeat"..

My children were taken out of our home state of Ohio June 2006, we were separated at the time and my wife and 3 children went to Scotland for a vacation. They never came back. It is now march 2009. I went to the Sate Department and filled out the Hague Application -to no avail. I was a very involved dad and at the time the kids were taken they were 10,12 and 14 years old.

In August 2008 my ex (we were divorced Jan 07) actually picked up the darn phone (or so it seems), called the AZ child support division and got the support order enforced!! Talk about balls! I have only been able to see my children 3 times in the last 3 years. I was paying as much of the $1,500 per month as I could until Oct 2008 -thats when I lots my job. The AZ State has now filed a lien against me and is making all sorts of threats. I can not afford a lawyer (or I would be paying the support instead!!) and I am heading for big trouble so it seems. My income is about $500 per month -from unemployment - my ex gets the other $500 automatically from AZ Sate. Nice of them. Talk about being between a rock and hard place. I have been told by one attorney that getting the support order modified will be tough - because the kids now live in Scotland. What would you other das do? I know its not the kids fault - but they seem happy enough over there -they have been brain washed into the idea that I am "no good" by their mom and all of her family who live near her -so they do not yet know the truth of all this. They are forbidden to come here by their mom. Would you men still pay support? Its very tough for me - even if I did have the money - to pay and yet the mom is the criminal here!

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