by Ck
(Jacksonville, fl)

I am th so called " middle female" in this situation. My soon to be husband went through a nasty divorice. He deployed only to come home and find out thst she never filed the paperwork like she promised she would, he fired his lawyer before leaving for six months. So this has been going on for four years now. Him and I live together and share a one month old son together. When we both got home from our second deployment we thought all was done and taken care of until mail started coming in with both their names on it. Looked down town and found out she stopped the paperwork from going through. He took her to court, keep in mind he's had his Kidd every day since their seperation. Mom is homeless jobless and on drugs, the first time they went to court four years ago the judge ordered him to pay her 5000 so she would move on with her life, well here we are again today she is still jobless, homeless, and on drugs yet she got the kids, took me to court on false police statements and is now getting 1800 a month child support from my fiancé. We can't live!! Both out cars have been taken we can't afford our son now, we had to remove him from daycare because we couldn't afford it. All while she is living where ever lying to the courts and snorting his money up her nose. She has a new car from another guy she had a baby with when she was married to my finace, new clothes, new phone, and still never has here kids or watches or provides for them. It makes ne so mad!! We have nothing at all anymore thank to her and her lies she told the judge. She begged for more child support for the kids to be in daycare, helloooo they are 5 and 10 in school, what damn daycare?? She doent even live with them she lied and told then she had to move to a different city because she couldn't afford to live in ours and was so broke. Just bs after bs. Then used the famous student line yet she's been in 6 schools the past two years and kicked out of all of them never had a job and she's going on 30. Truthfully she will never get on.

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by: Anonymous

The laws in Arizona have to change, they put people in jail and how do they expect them to get or keep a job to pay??????? This makes no sense!!!! There are good fathers sitting behind bars or in tents that want to be fathers to their children!!!!!! A man being a father to his children should be valued more than a man paying money each month to a woman who thinks she needs to live like a princess or kept in a certain lifestyle!!!!!! All the money my father gave me in my entire 35 years will NEVER MAKE UP FOR THE TIME HE SHOULD HAVE SPENT WITH ME BEING MY FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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