Closed case in one state

by Vincent
(Petaluma, ca,)

Closed case in one state only to find it open in original state and still liable.

I have a 30 year old son in Las Vegas. I was ordered to court in 1995 a second time and moved out of state , so I missed that court date. They held me in contempt and ordered me to pay min 2000 or a bench warrant. I moved to California. In 1998 I was given a release of lean from the DA whom the case was transferred to from Nevada. The Child Support Division in California also closed the case in November 1999 and released any hold they had on my passport. I have documents from both agencies to confirm this.

I was paying 150 a month up until 1998. I have a sworn jurist document form my ex wife ( not the mother of this son) to attest we paid monthly , since she handled the finances. Of course we did not save any records on this , nor are they available 11 years after my son became 18. I thought the case was closed by my documents. I had no idea the case was still open in Las Vegas until my government stimulus check was seized in June of 2008 and redirected to the Child Support Division of Nevada. I was never contacted after the closure letters from the California Division. I contacted the agency in Nevada Immediately to resolve this case. They are claiming I owe about 1700 dollars to date. The sent out a letter for settlement to the mother and she refused to settle. She also wrote a letter understating the amount I actually paid over the years. All I have is my word and my ex wife affidavit. The Nevada division already has all these documents in JPG on file by E-mail. During the earlier years I had no jobs and made next to nothing from my earned Income statement I produced to the from the SS department from 1975 to 2008. Recently I was able to get a loan for about 11,600 and made an offer . The CS Division case worker Ms. Arnold totally ignored this offer. I had a hearing date set for June 10, but said I was unable to make it in person , so they rescheduled me for a telephone hearing on September 3.

I have not job, am a missionary, and have good reason to show I believed this case was over by my documentations from California. Therefore the penalties and interest should be removed in this case ( right?).I was on disability as well for two years but that was in 1999-2001. Not really and issue and after the fact. I know your office charges a fee for service, But I do not want to spend money on representation if you can not get my arrears reduced based on the facts and documents I have to support my allegations. The mother went on State Welfare assistance, so the CS Division said this amount must be paid back ( about $6000), the remaining amount due is the result of the mother who is not willing to settle and is understating the amounts she has received from me over the years. Can you get my arrears reduced based on these facts?

I have been in constant contact with the CS Las Vegas Division. They said the hearing master is the only one who can make the adjustments. However, recently I spoke to the mother by phone and she said she was willing to comply with what ever the DA or Hearing Master decided. Indicating she was putting the ball in their hands. SO the DA does have the power to re negotiate this and accept a settlement offer. What can you do for me?

I can pay you if you can go in my absence to the DA and hearing master and get this reduced as a result of the circumstances and my honest belief this case was closed ( I have documents from the DA and CS Division in CA to prove this). I am not a lawyer so I had no idea this case was still open in NV. Please advise.

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