Club Hoppin and Conniving Babies Mamas

by Proud Of My Husband
(Houston, TX. USA)

I meet my husband in 6/2006 and in 12/2007, we got married. His oldest daughter is 13 and her mother is a conniving "female". When she found out she was pregnant, it was agreed between both parents that she would get an abortion. BUT GUESS WHAT???!!!!! She didn't. When he got shot in his face, she filed child support against him. Yes, child support. Then she had another child which is fathered by my husband's cousin cousin. Yep, she's nasty and dirty too. She just had another child by another man. So she eventually got tired of going to court every three months so she had the child support transferred. Now he has to be reserved again because she got it transferred. Apparently she didn't know that. She's trying to get child support but she's not the one that takes care of his oldest daughter. It's her sister, the daughter's aunt. She taught her daughter only about money. When his daughter calls, she only calls him twice a yr. On her bday and Xmas. She don't call on Father's Day and his bday just to wish him Happy Bday or Happy Father's Day. The second baby mama, they have a daughter. We have no drama from her because she already know she better not. The third baby mama, yep. You figured it out, she's the club hopper. They had been together for 8 yrs, until he went to jail in 2005. She leaves his kids at home alone while she "Droppin It Like It's Hot" in the club. She has two of his kids, a son and a duaghter, and she had another child, a son by another man. She treats his kids like SH**. But the youngest boy gets treated like a prince. My husband paid for his son to go to football practice for Little League for 2 yrs in 2006 and 2007.

The first yr was fine but the second yr, she said that took too much of HER time to just drop him off at practice and my husband would bring him home. She didn't have to pay anything and the mom's at the field would tell her, she ought to be glad his dad is showing up everyday. They wish their son's dads would show up. She's been evicted 3 times in a 6 month period (6/2006 to 12/2006). Don't know what the OTHER baby daddy is doing. Apparently nothing, if they're getting evicted. But when my husband got out of jail in 12/2005, he tried to make it work because of his kids but little that he known, SHE WAS ALREADY PREGNANT by the other guy. When he found out, he told her she wasn't gonna have her cake and eat it too.

And guess what, THAT'S WHEN SHE FILED CHILD SUPPORT ON HIM. So she figured she couldn't have her cake and eat it too that way, she had the courts to do her dirty work. Then on top of that, she gave the court his aunt's address, knowning d**n well he didn't live there. And bam, he has to pay for child support dated back to 2002, even that's when they we still together. Well, we have lawyer. We went to court in May and he tells them he didn't get serve so they were subpoena the constable who claims she remember way back in 2/2006 she served him. Well, the date was reset til June and guess what? SHE DIDN'T SHOW UP FOR COURT. We get his kids every other wknd and we had them last summer.

She can't keep a job because her mouth is always getting her in trouble. At one while, she had to move back in with her mother. Oh and the other baby daddy too. You figure that one out? Three adults and three kids in a one bedroom apt. Yep, she's TRIFLING. Oh I forget to metion she likes to gamble too. That's why she always gettting evicted. On wknds, when we picked them up. They're always dirty and the clothes they have in their bags are a mess, so we go buy them clothes and they leave them there. When they went home, she asked if he had bought them clothes, his son told her yes. She asked where they were? They told her they left them. The next wknd, when we pick them up, she sent them out with only a pair of pajamas. So I guess she figured we weren't going anywhere where they would need clothes. They could wear whatever we bought. So when they went home, I sent them home in the same clothes they walked out the door in.

My main thing is these baby mamas only file child support when they can't have the father of their child. They don't want to see them happy with another woman. The only thing they had to do was call and say, "Hey, he or she needs this." That's all they have to do is ask and they'll get it. He has 4 daughters and one son. He takes care of all his kids, whether he pay child support or not. Hell, he even took care of a son that he BELIEVED was his but he wasn't and the boy has his last name. The mother of that child KNEW he wasn't the father but gave the boy his surname BECAUSE she knew he would have be better taken care of by him than the real father. And God don't like ugly because the boy ended up being molested now he's gay. The boy's real father was killed when he was little so he will NEVER know his real father passed away.

These women be thinking they really hurting the father but they're only hurting the kids cause when they file child support, the fathers will NOT work, especially if they are giving the mothers' money. If these mothers knew how to talk to these fathers they would get more help than the courts can. If the father knows the habits these mothers have and don't wanna pay child support, then they SHOULD HAVE WRAPPED IT UP. I tell my husband that all the time. LOL. Don't want no drama, cover it up. But not all dads are dead beat or no good. Every father have their reasons for not paying child support and only they know. They also know they don't have a chance in child support court without a lawyer.

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Feb 05, 2010
Not all
by: Anonymous

You stated some things that were untrue such as a baby momma files child support just to see the father unhappy or cause they are not together. That's not true for all women and I'm sure it's not even true for most. No woman should have to even call to ask the dad for money or to provide the child with a need. That is not her responsibility. If anything the father should call and ask what their child need if he is not on child support. That is what a responsible MAN/FATHER would do. These days people want to put everything on the mother and that is just not right. I am shocked to even read your perspective to be what it is about baby mommas. You must don't have any children. But look around it's not the mother's that are not being responsible, it's the men. You can see that in our families, in the work places, and especially in church! Coming from a baby momma perspective that love my child with all my heart I can tell you that surely most mothers want the best for their babies. They didn't have pleasure in the sex, they did not choose their parents,and they did not ask to be born into this world. Any man who do not marry the mother of his children and take care of his family that he helped make should pay child support. The bible speaks of a husband being the head over his household not his baby momma. So I totally disagree with her having to ask for anything. If he really don't want to be on child support he will make it a priority to call whomever the mother of his child is, and to inquire about the needs of their child. Men need to stand up and be RESPONSIBLE fathers.

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