Concerned and confused

(Tarheel State)

My fiancé has a daughter who passed away in August of 2001. She was born with medical problems. She only lived 13 months. She lived in the hospital her whole life. She only left the hospital for 3-4 days, and had to return to the hospital because her conditioned turned for the worse. The mother of the child and my fiancé were not together at the time of her birth or death. And my fiancé was not treated with respect, as he should have been given the situation. He went all the time, a two-hour drive to the hospital almost everyday for 13 months. Slept on the hospital floor. The mother, well, lets just say she wasn't there that often. When the child did leave the hospital, the mother spent those 3 nights out having fun and drinking, while her stepmother was left to care for the sick baby.

The issue is this. The mother of the child is now claiming child support payments to be made by my fiancé. This is 2009, and has been going on since the death of the baby. They have garnished his wages, taken every tax refund, locked him up, he then makes payments, and she will come around and ask for money for the agreement that she will not turn him in. She even once came to me and told me that he had a warrant out for his arrest, just so we would give her money. Later that night, I called and checked and there was no warrant. All this time that he has paid out or taken from, I don't understand really.

See, the mother never came "out of pocket" with expenses for the child. She didn't have to pay for clothes or diapers or formula or lodging, etc. So why is it that when money is taken from him, a week later she is getting a check in the mail payable to her.

Can anyone explain this?

When she talks about the child and the father, she never once says that the child is deceased. It pretty much is nothing but a sob story. Something like this, "Oh, I’m so broke, I have all these bills, no money from my kids father, and he is a dead beat. He doesn't care about us"

I have heard it myself from her mouth. I didn't know her, or my now then fiancé at the time. I had no clue the child was passed. I didn't know anything, because she was lying.

So how do we really know she went to the child support agency with the real thing, or some made up story?

Anyone understand this?

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Death Certifacate
by: Stepmother of 3

You need to get a death certifacate and file it at the agency and take that money hungry B**CH to court that is why the good people get screwed because of her lies. What she is doing is illegal and she need to be held accountable for her actions.Yes she will be put in jail for this. But my biggest concern is is how has she gotten away with this for this long?

Get the Death Certificate
by: Anonymous

Tell him to get the death certificate and take it to the Child support Agency office, so they can make documentation of the fact. If she keeps lying tell him to take her to small claims court and get his money back.

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