Confused step mother

Well my story is kinda like these others. I married my husband a year ago, he has two children with his ex. I would just like some advice and to see if anyone else knows anything about my situation. My husband has been paying child support for about 8 years now, recently his ex filed for back support from nov. - dec. of 01 and all of 02. We have copies of all the checks he wrote her and when it was coming out of his pay check, but for the years shes asking for we are having trouble getting them because after a certain amount of years they discard things. If there was a court order placed when the divorce went through, and she never filed it with the child support office to get it taken from his check, and he didnt go to the divorce hearing because he was young and stupid, how is he supposed to know how much child support to pay? Does she have to get it filed through the state before he has to pay, or how does that work? Any information would be helpful.

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angry at the system
by: Stacey

when my ex and i were divorced, technically he had custody for a few months till i found a big enough place for myself and our three children. during the time he had "custody" i had my children all day long and they just slept at his house. i fed them, bought all their clothes and even helped him with his bills. he developed a drug habbit and i contacted child protective services and within a few months the kids were with me 24/7. after that time he filed for assistance saying the kids were with him, getting welfare and foodstamps, i had to wait for cps to drop the case to change custody legally. for 2 years child support added up for me to pay him even though kids were with me and was not notified til the arreage was up to $5000. he gets money out of my paychecks and taxes returns and im left to support my kids who live with me and also my ex. how is this helping my kids? he comitted fraud and got money from the state and from me and there is nothing i can do. i now have legal custody but pay him child support. WHY???

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