Continous Court Appearances

by Jean Bilello
(West Islip, New York, Suffolk County)

I have an ongoing child support case with my ex-husband.Apparently he never pays, he has been out of work for longer than two years. He was incarcerated once for non payment over 3 years ago. Since then I have brough him back to court in front of the same magistrate time and time again and all they offer him is judgement after judgement. They beleive every word that he says and makes me out to be the money grubbing ex wife. The court system questions my judgement on my parenting skills and where money is spent. It's none of their business where money is spent bbecause it's all my money anyway. I feed, cloth and hous my children alone. He lives in out old house, no job, but he has a car and food and cigarettes and cell phone.

He is fully supported by his parents. He has gone as far as going to rehab to avoid jail. When will enough become enough. Lack of child suport payments should be considered a felony and the non custofial parent should not have chances and freelegal representation. I have topat for a lwayer if I want one and he gets one free. None of it makes any sense to me and I will do everyting in my power to change this system. The county and state keeps saying going after them and eventaully you will come out on top. They say they will garnish pay checks and tax returns and event heir pension or social security some day. How does that help me now? Here's my solution the state/county or federal governemtn should pay the custodial parents their court ordered child support and then they should go after their money and see how difficult it is to collect.....I promise you then they would take it more serously and wouldn't joke around the way they do.

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by: get a life

You chose to have children with this man i agree with the others, you need to stop looking at others to solve your problems. You are proably on welfare and sucking the system dry. Next time wear a condom and save us all some money

by: Anonymous

oh the taxpayer should pay for your poor choice in a husband that makes alot of since understand your frustration but i think the government has already stepped over boundaries when it comes to it's idea of rights for parents and their children accept reality survive for your children and worthless parents don't need to be involved move on i do agree they should pay butdon't waste your needed funds in trying to get it if it's better spent on the children who need it most the courts are sending fathers everyday to jail we can't help you without a job a license or in jail anyways so are you really sloving anything else except driving the other parent further into exile good luck

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