Cop who wont help

My child's father is a cop. Throughout my pregnancy he was no where to be found, and in all honesty that was fine with me. He is a roller coaster ride of an emotional mess. He has so many highs and lows it is frightening he is even a police officer. I didn't want him around anyway stressing me out with his immaturity.

After my child was born then he wanted to play daddy. I think it was more his mom pushing him because she wanted to play grandma. It was a somewhat civil situation for the first 3 months. I guess until his mother decided she wants what she wants and that was that.

So now here we are almost a year down the road and we are STILL in and out of court. A court appointed law guardian was introduced into the situation. All I can say is I guess the law guardian is a cop lover because this person has over looked the fact that he was not around for the pregnancy, did NOT want our child, wanted me to have an abortion, refused to see her for 2 months and now is in violation of a court order as far as supporting his child’s needs.

A cop. The courts, and their decisions. Absolutely amazing! Does no one look at the big picture or just and the well-dress off duty standing before them. Come on people!! Wake up, take all factors into account and see what some of these people are made of. Stop punishing the good parent by allowing the bad to get away with violations, because he's a cop, get away with disregarding the child until its born and then I guess being angry for having to pay support making my life hell with ups and downs. He didn't want the child, then be gone. Justice system, look at ALL accounting factors, behaviors and then make a wise decision.

My child is my life!!!! I fell in love from the second I saw that tiny beating heart. I will do everything in my power to make sure this child has everything that is needed and wanted.

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NO example
by: Anonymous

I read your comments and I would like to say I share your sentiments exactly. I too have a child of a Police officer. He was placed on child support, however I feel my child have not gotten the financial support she deserves from the paternal parent. My daughter suffers from severe asthma, which keeps her constantly in and out of the hospitals, it is one thing when he never show up to show his concerns in her time of need, he also nickel and dime her simply because he shows up in court with his Police uniform on and tell lies about other children he support just to keep from paying what my child is entitled to, and guest what the state of Georgia took his word with NO further investigation. Police officers are NO exception to the rule.

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