Criminal Deadbeat Mom Still Collects

My boyfriend raised his son and daughter by himself for more than 10 years. He was never married to their mother and his son isn't even biologically his but he adopted him (after she finally confessed who the real father was), and raised him as his own. The mother was court ordered to pay $25 a month but offered to pay $25 a week, so the order was put into place. She never paid a penny and disappeared until the son was three weeks away from graduating high school. She took her son to California, counterfiting money all the way there and all the way back to NYS where the son was arrested and left holding the bag while her and her new boyfriend escaped capture. The son then came back to live with his father until he was arrested for numorous other charges and his father had to put him out.

Last year, when the daughter was 15 the mother convinced her to move out as well, called CPS with bogus charges, and allowed the daughter to stay with friends instead of taking her in like she promised. CPS forced the mother to take her, so the mother is now taking my boyfriend to court for child support and was granted $169 a week. She didn't pay any child support for over 10 years, owes over $12,000, (which is nothing to raise two kids on for that amount of time),in arears, has lost her license for not paying support and admitted so in court.

But still the judge makes my boyfriend pay. She never even took the kids for one visitation though the original custody order said she should have had them 65% of the time. That was more than 7,000 meals she should have shelled out to those kids. Not even a pair of underwear or a christmas or birthday card. She has never held a job and now has the child coming around asking for even more money... and I didn't even mention that she was also court ordered to pay restitution for items she had stolen from my boyfriend, of course she has forgotten about that. She lied her way through court and she contradicted herself so many time, I'm sure even purgered herself, but nothing is done. Why don't the laws work for the people who need the laws to work? How can a judge sit back and think any of this is fair?

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