CT Child Support Enforcement

Income Withholding

CT child support enforcement laws require that any new or modified child support orders include a provision for income withholding. This allows the state to take child support payments directly out of the non-custodial parent’s paycheck, unemployment and workers' compensation, and/or retirement check.

Contempt Citation

If the non-custodial parent does not obey a direct court order to pay child support, he or she can be held in contempt of court. If the parent is at least thirty days late in support payments or does not maintain required medical insurance, Connecticut’s child support enforcement staff will ask the court to make this finding. If the parent is found in contempt of court, he or she can be sent to jail.

Capias Mittimus

If the non-custodial parent does not respond to the contempt of court citation, he or she can be brought to court under an arrest order called a "capias mittimus."

Income Tax Refund Intercept

Child support staff can report the non-custodial parent to the Internal Revenue Service and the State Department of Revenue Services if he or she owes back support of at least $150 for children receiving public assistance or $500 for children who do not receive assistance. Child support payments can then be deducted from the non-custodial parent's federal or state income tax refund.

Credit Bureau Reporting

If the non-custodial parent accrues back payments of at least $1,000, Connecticut’s child support enforcement staff will report his or her name and debt to consumer reporting agencies. This information will then be made available to banks, mortgage companies, stores and other lenders, making it difficult for the non-custodial parent to borrow money or buy a house.

Liens and Lottery Offset

CT Child support enforcement staff will place a lien on the real or personal property of a parent that owes at least $500 in child support arrears. This lien is a legal hold on property that requires the debt to be paid before the property can be sold or refinanced. 

If a parent who owes back child support wins the state lottery, the CT child support enforcement staff can withhold child support payments from his or her winnings.

IRS full collection

Non-custodial parents that owe at least $750 in back support payments may be subject to full collection from the Internal Revenue Service. This method is usually utilized as a last resort.

CT Child Support Enforcement and Lawyers

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