Custodial parent--Barbara Casebolt

by Barbara Casebolt
(Liberty Hill, Texas USA)

It has been very hard for me to get the child support awarded for my children from the very beginning. I am thankful that the Attorney General, Greg Abbott has taken charge.

In the beginning, my children's support payments were sent to Bastrop county. This is where I filed for divorce. All the payments were sent to the county and then they logged the payments in by hand and then sent the original check that had been written by my ex-husband to me, by mail. The payment would sometimes take up to three weeks to get to me. I was very greatful to get the money. Our family needed it desperately. The only problem with this system, is that my ex-husband began writing restricitve endorsements on the checks that made it nearly impossible for me to cash them. At one point he sent me a cashier's check. In order for me to cash it, I was to go to his bank, show a photo ID bearing the name Barbara Simon. He told me that if I did this, he would press charges against me for forgery. I was caught in a catch twenty-two. I really needed the money. It was christmas time. I went to his bank, I spoke to the branch manager and then signed the back of the cashier's check. I wrote:

Barbara Casebolt
AKA: Barbara Simon

I was told that I could do this by an attorney. He said that it was o.k. to do this and that I wouldn't get into trouble. This would be one of many times that the child support had been interfered with.

Now that the Attorney general, Greg Abbott is in charge and now that child support payments all go to one place, I feel for the first time that there is hope. I know that it has been very upsetting for all the people that have tried to help me and my children. I only hope that they don't give up. I haven't.

Thank you for everything you have tried to do for us.

Barbara Casebolt
Emily Beth Casebolt-Simon
and Mathew Thomas Casebolt-Simon

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