I am writing you because of a serious issue in Oklahoma. I honestly never thought it was a problem here until about 4 years ago when separated after 18 years of marriage.
At that point I became a single mother of 5 boys. And almost a year later finally divorced. This was on January 6, 2009. Since that day I have not seen one penny of child support. I have been paying for an attorney and fighting him in court since October of 2009 and still nothing. This is very disappointing to me since I was lead to believe that Oklahoma was one of the “toughest” states on Dead Beat parents. My kids have had to do without while there father is still driving a new car, has all his licenses (hunting, fishing, and driving), buying a new house, can afford to go to the bar every weekend etc…
While my kids and I have had to struggle. He is a machinist and makes good money. He pulled his 401k that I was granted 50% of and I didn’t see a dime. And the kicker of it all is that he doesn’t have to help in any way support his kids YET he is able to see them every other weekend, and play this “world’s greatest daddy” roll and I am to keep my mouth shut. This is a real issue to me. I am sorry but if you can’t help support them; then you shouldn’t have rights.

Now since then I just remarried last month and my husband would love to adopt they boys. But of course this is only if their dad approves it. And I am sorry but this is just wrong. My husband has stepped up to the plate and taken the roll of the dad, by making sure my kids have what they need when they need it and yet there father (that wouldn’t even buy paper for school) still gets the title?

Something really needs to be done about our judicial system in Oklahoma.
And yes I did vote for you. Honestly that really shouldn’t matter but just a statement. We go back to court on October 27, 2010, and at this point I don’t expect any change. But I am confused, what happened to time in jail, we have two contempt charges on him at this point and yet still no justice.

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Apr 30, 2012
by: Anonymous

I also have a case in Oklahoma, I took my sons dead beat father to court and a the judge ordered a warrant but I never seen anything done. Then occs took over and I received payments for maybe 6 months at the most. Then he left that job and nothing since Feb 2011 and that was a whole $6! I would also like to know what happened to jail time. My exhusband has a car, truck, boat, motorcycle and a house but doesn't even give a dollar or even get our son presents on his birthday or xmas. This is not right that our kids have to suffer while these worthless so called fathers have everything they want. I completely agree with your comment that something needs to be done!

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