Dead Beat Dad In Alabama

by Patricia
(New Market , AL ,Madison)

I have two boys I never married their dad but he is on their birth certificate and they have his last name. We meet when we were young and partied alot I grew up and he didn't.( He did abuse me sometimes) So I packed what I could in the car and left. He did see the boys at first but when I started seeing my now husband he stoped having anything to do with them not that he had much to do with them when we lived in the same house with him.I have never asked for child support from him I knew I would never get it he can't keep a job and is on drugs and drinks all the time.

He does call(when he's clean and off the drugs for the time being but still drinking)to see how they are doing and does see them every six months and when he does come and gets them it's only for a few hours becouse he don't have any place for himself to stay. He has told me that he never wanted to be a dad that he had to grow up to soon and he is not a good dad and he is right he knows my youngest son has asthma and can not be around smoke but he smokes any ways and that ends up with me taking him to the DR for breathing treatments.

I know that he has done drugs around my boys and had sex (There is lots mor but i'm keeping it short). He gets mad at them real easy one of his girl freinds told me that he was mean to them sometimes.The school has called me in to talk about it and to ask if something is wrong at home so we went back and looked at the times my boys would act up was around the same time they went to see their dad so the school Suggested that I let them talk to the school counsellor. She said I don't need to let them go back.

So hear we are I have a good husband that goes to church and has gotten us into church and is so good with my boys. We dated for six years and have been married to for two years. He has been there for my boys from the time they were 3&4 now 11&12 they want to call him dad and he does everything a blood dad does for thier child he wants to be their dad in all ways. He wants to adopt them but how do I go about doing that? I have asked him to sign over his rights one time he says he will the next he says no. What do can I do?

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by: Chelsie

I read your story and we have much of the same situation. The father to my daughter is has a severe drinking problem and drug problem as well as having a severe case of Bipolar disorder. He was abusive to me physically and mentally for three years. Unfortunatly he still chooses not to pay child support and the state of Nebraska wont help me. Your story was an inspriation to me and I hope that someday like you I will be able to find a man who will love me and my daughter the way we deserve. Thank you for sharing your story!

in a similiar boat
by: Anonymous

Hi. My name is krystle and I live in bama too. My baby daddy is a dead beat to my son is only 8 months old. We weren't married but he signed and my son has his name. Unless the father gives up rights is there anything we can do? One day I want him to pay child support next I dont bc I dont want him to get visitation. And I want full custody. Do you have any advice for me. It sounds like you are happy now though same as me I found my soul mate who has a daughter from a previous relationship and we are the happiest family ever thank God.

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