Dead Beat Excuse for Mother

by Brian

Having met this person in PA and (not) lived together for 1 year, our son was born. We (not) lived together for another 6 years, before my job moved me to FL. We had agreed to move as a matter of convenience (for her, support for herself and her other son, for me desire to have my son around me). After the house is sold, she leaves with child and some stuff and slaps a support order and custody order on me so I pay 1750 per month (yes one thousand seven hundred and fift!) in Child Support (one child). The court felt qualified to rule on teh support order but not on teh Cistody as "neither child, father or mother reside in the jusisdiction".. great, get the cash, forget about rightsas it suits the Mother who now has all she wants, child, money no me!

Oh and the good part, I cannot see my son at my home but have to travel to PA, stay on hotel etc. All this because she abandoned the family home and took the child. My advice, you see this coming in future, take the child and let her pursue you. Possession is 9/10ths no matter what they say.

I went through the courts, all very amicable, lawyers being nice to each other etc. she got all, I got no rights based on where the child resides. Its bullshit. Now were back at it again so I can get to see my son at my home.. this will cost another 10K (5 each) which she does not have, so pays from the support I pay for my son.. how fair is that to him. No, I am not allowed to ask where the support goes, or insist that she gets a job instead of watch TV and getting fat every day. The law sucks when it comes to representing fathers.

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